Ring of Wonder - The Variants - Give me options!

I haven’t bought a Ring of Wonder in months now. But on Vault weekends, I play far more than other days. That got me thinking, “I want the bonuses of the Ring of Wonder, but I don’t want to pay $20 for 25 extra days when I only want the bonus for 3 days…”

On the other hand, there have been weeks and months where I find myself playing a lot, or I have extra cash and very few other games I’m playing. I found myself buying Ring of Wonder month after month.

But there is nothing in the game that allows players to customize their purchasing option for their play style. Let me help you with that!

Item Cost Duration (days) Cost per Day Gold/Souls/XP Bonus Gems Gold Gem Keys Glory
Ring of Myth $150 336 $0.45 50% 2400 4,800,000 240 24000
Ring of Legend $100 168 $0.60 50% 1200 2,400,000 120 12000
Ring of Wonder $20 28 $0.71 50% 200 400,000 20 2000
Ring of Adventure $6 7 $0.86 50% 50 100,000 5 500
Ring of Trial $3 3 $1.00 50% 20 40,000 2 200

Some things to note: The gems, gold, gem keys, and glory are strictly all increased or increased by the same amount of the duration. That is, 168 days is 600% of 28 days (6x more), so is everything you get. The only thing that’s less than 600% is the cost, which for 168 days is only 500% higher, which is why the cost per day is lower. The only exception is the lowest tier, because 7 days isn’t neatly divisible, so while the cost ($3) is 15% of Ring of Wonder ($20), the duration is only 10.7% (3 days). The same is true for the gems, gold, gem keys, and glory, because handing out 21 gems seems weird, and while 3 gem keys is 15% of 20 gem keys, it wouldn’t make sense to pay half the cost of the next tier but receive more than half the number of gem keys, so that’s rounded down to 2.

Also I don’t think it’s a good idea to give bonus amounts of resources for higher tiers. For instance, you could say “Well, 2.4 million gold is close to 2.5 million, and 4.8 is close to 5…” but because of the way Rings work, you can’t purchase another one until the duration is up, and the price discount should be related to the duration, not the resources. You shouldn’t be buying a higher tier to get more resources, you should be buying a higher tier to lower the cost per day.

What does this do for Infinity Plus Two and 505 Games? The higher tiers gives them more money up front. When someone buys a Ring of Wonder for $20, devs and publishers don’t know if they’re buying the next month, they just know they bought this month. If a player can instead say “Yes, I’m buying this month, and I will buy next month too, at a lower cost, but you get the money for it NOW” that’s only a good thing.

It also allows players who wouldn’t normally buy a $20 a month product to maybe buy a $3 or $7 product. “Yeah, this is a good campaign or event, I’ll be playing a lot this week, so I’ll spend $7.” Or “I’ll be playing a lot this weekend because of vault event, or new delve, I’ll spend $3.”

This is marketing 101. You should try hiring someone who knows about it, cuz it doesn’t seem like you’re doing much right now.