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Ring of Wonder vs. $20 per month on Dungeon Packs

So if you’re like me and love this game and are willing to spend a little every month, where do think the best value lies? Specifically in the Dungeon I’m referring to 4x the $5 bundle on diamond days which I think most would agree is the best value pack in the dungeon.

So It’s this:

Or 4X of this:

Or do you think there is better value elsewhere?

If you dont have it yet I think you should invest in the Deathknight armor. That is absolutely the best value for money. Its 2-3 months of what you are planning to pay tho. Then later I would have gone with the Sundays Jewel packs, especially if you still need a handful of Mythics.


Ah yes, I forgot to mention Deathknight armor (already got it) which I agree is the best value for money.

If I remember correctly, you have all of the mythics…

In that case, you can probably live without 4k souls, 12 gem keys, 4 celestial traitstones. 4000 shards is a bit trivial and 600 diamonds, while really nice, won’t really help the man that has everything.

So, probably the Ring of Wonder, if you’re an active player and can make use of the extra buffs. 200 gems… well, I guess it’s something.

If it ever becomes a point where you’re missing Mythics again, then the Diamond packs. Legendaries aren’t worth crafting (in my opinion) except maybe the Imps, but that’s pretty much for vanity and no actual use.

I’m sure I’m going to hear plenty of people say that Legendaries are worth crafting. I prefer to just wait for them to show up in a chest or wait for an event week and save all resources for Mythics are which are much less likely to show up in a chest or event week.

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Thank you for your post. Yes, I do have all current mythics and I think you’re right in that it’s pretty much just the diamonds that are worth mentioning from the dungeon packs. Now that I think about it 640 (assuming shards converted) diamonds isn’t even enough to craft a single Legendary so yes, I’m leaning towards the Ring for better value for me personally. But for someone who still needs mythics, would that make the dungeon packs more appealing than the Ring?

I lean towards the dungeon packs over the ring of wonder. Yes, 640 diamonds isn’t even a legendary troop, but it shaves a significant amount of time off the buildup towards 4000.

How much gold would you actually earn with that extra 50% bonus? Even if that’s 1,000,000 gold extra for you weekly, that works out to one legendary task each week. Or one chance to earn a mythic troop drawn at random from the entire pool.

Contrast that against the 640 diamonds, which can be used to fill in a gap should you ever find yourself missing a mythic during its exclusive week. Guaranteed.

Yeah, if they still needed Mythics, then the Dungeon packs are more useful.

Playing catch up in this game is a nightmare, and Diamond packs are one of the only ways to do so.

Ring of Wonder helps stay ahead of the curve once you’re there. Extra XP to get an event key on level up, Extra gold for chest pulls/legendary tasks, Extra Souls… to look pretty?

Also, 200 Gems help toward VIP pulls or just buying the 4 50 diamond Sunday packs, and the other stuff just being there.

It depends on how often you see yourself missing the exclusive mythic during a period. If fairly often, then get Diamonds to craft it, if not, then the daily Diamonds will start adding past 4k, which 600 extra Diamonds isn’t going to do too much… (on the assessment of already owning all Mythics)

The best “value” in the cash shop other than the Deathknight armor (and considering that over a long, long period of time) is the daily gems, 225 gems (given over two weeks, and you can’t stack it) for $5, or 900 gems for $20 (and over the course of two months). All things considered, the conversion rate to something significant is still pretty poor, and it amounts to basically a nudge toward a larger goal or helping you stay ahead of the curve. With VIP chest access, this amounts to roughly 0.18 to 0.2 mythics (on average, depending on how many VIP you open at a time) per $20. Sunday’s daily packs probably have the next best “value” in terms of getting mythics, giving you roughly 0.1715 mythics (on average, counting the gem keys in the pack with their 1/1042 chance to drop a mythic) per $20, some of it divided into diamonds and the other the tiny tiny bump you get from gem keys, a good chunk of it being “guaranteed”, which is nice. The four celestials and 1000 souls are chaff, as you’ll likely get a couple celestials from 900 gems worth of VIP chests and 1000 souls from about 10 minutes of farming if you even need either at all.

Ring of Wonder’s bonus is additive. On top of an existing 100% gold bonus (you’d have at least this), you’ll be raised to a 150% bonus, or your resource earning rates will go from 200% to 250%, a functional 25% increase - less if you have VIP levels that give you gold bonus, and even less for souls (if you even need them), where you probably already had a 150% bonus from guild. Since gold has very poor individual personal value in even very large amounts, you probably won’t get a whole lot out of this unless you play a lot.

Some comparisons - for Ring of Wonder’s gold bonus to eclipse Daily Gems in raw “value” you’d need to be able to cover the ~600 difference in “gem value” before it runs out (counting here, relative purchasing power of a mythic if converting all resources gained into the thing that gives the best chance at pulling a mythic). This means earning 21.4 “gem value” daily for each of the 28 days that Ring of Wonder is active. Getting this from the 50% bump in gold bonus is actually very difficult, even with constant PvP farming.

If looking only at personal value, if you converted your extra gold gained into gold keys to try and get gems and glory, and use those to get future exclusive mythics on VIP chests and glory keys respectively, their highest possible values, you’d need to earn about 597 gold keys daily, which equates to 179,100 extra gold per day that you need to earn from Ring of Wonder being active. Opening these 597 gold keys will get you an average of ~9.45 gems and ~379 glory (after putting any gold gained from the keys back into more keys recursively), which equates to roughly the same mythic purchasing power as 21.4 raw gems on VIP chests. At an average of 600 extra gold per PvP battle (eg., a base payout average of 1200 gold, a generous estimate of an average payout that I get at endgame, as it would probably be lower), that would take about 298 PvP battles - per day. For a month straight. You would, of course, in the process of opening that many gold keys, get souls, low rarity traitstones, and low rarity troops which I assume you’ve already maxed and are therefore pointless. Similarly, if you are over level 1000 and hit the soul wall, increased xp and soul gains mean very little, especially at the functional increases you get from Ring of Wonder.

Pouring gold into legendary tasks are only better if others in your guild are also farming at an increased rate due to your increased contributions - which does happen, so you can’t completely discount it - but you can’t guarantee it will happen either. If your 20-25% increased contributions can get the rest of your guild to kick in even 5% more, you are already benefiting more than from gold keys. Of course, if everyone could match your increased contributions 1 to 1, then Ring of Wonder would far surpass the daily items in relative value, even just relating to getting items that can obtain future mythics - but this simply won’t happen in this reality. Otherwise, your guild as a whole gets a fractional increase in rewards and you personally get a negligible increase in rewards.

tl;dr - Ring of Wonder is giving you the illusion of value due to how this game’s economy works. A lower level player (that has already gotten a Deathknight pack) and has very high playtime and still working on their kingdoms or has difficulty reaching gold quotas might be able to get their money’s worth out of it, especially if they also need souls, but an endgamer that has all current mythics probably wont, unless their goal is just to give their guild a small bump.

Recommend either Daily Gems or Sunday’s dungeon Daily Deals.


That’s just 60 event keys to try to chase a specific mythic through a specific event, not reliable at all considering it takes a whole two months getting those 900 gems from the daily gems deal. Its also less than 20 VIP keys. In both cases you will most likely get no Mythics. But I agree with you that its still among the best deals in the shop(especially for newer players which need a full castle of troops), but for a Mythic chaser the Sundays jewel pack is a more reliable and cleverer move I think.

1 Mythic = 100 VIP chests = 4500 gems
1 Mythic = 1041 Gem keys
1 Mythic = 4000 Diamonds


Daily Gems = 5$ = 225 gems = 5 VIP chests = 0.05 Mythic

You get 0.05 Mythic for 5$ (225 gems from daily gems)


Dungeon Sunday 50 gems offer = 80 diamonds + 400 shards = 84 diamonds = 0.021 Mythic
2 Gem keys = 0.002 Mythic

You get 0.023 Mythic for 50 gems (50 gems dungeon Sunday)
in other words
You get 0.1032 Mythic for 5$


Dungeon Sunday 5$ offer = 150 diamonds + 1000 shards = 160 diamonds = 0.04 Mythic
3 Gem keys = 0.003 Mythic

You get 0.043 Mythic for 5$ (5$ dungeon Sunday)


Path to Glory 50$ offer = 1 Mythic

You get 0.1 Mythic for 5$ (Path to Glory 50$ offer)


Ring of Wonder’s bonus is additive. That means you only get +25% gold from it, not +50%.

No armor Dragon Armor (+100%) Dragon Armor + RoW (+150%)
100 % 200% 250%
100 gold 200 gold 250 gold

250 gold / 200 gold = 1.25
or 25% gold boost.

EDIT: RoW also provides you with 200 gems and 10 Gem keys = 0.054 Mythic. And 200k gold + 700 glory.

If you make 4M gold monthly, RoW will bring you 1M extra gold for 20$ (and +25% souls and xp).

What’s better: 1M gold or 225 x 4 = 900 gems from daily gems? I would choose gems.
What’s better: 1M gold or 0.043 x 4 = 0.172 Mythic? I would choose the latter.

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Its worth noting, this month there’s going to be a new kingdom with commons and rare to collect from gold chests, as well as 3 different event commons (Hyena, Mammoth, Tome of Evil) and 1 rare (Bulette) that’ll make their way into chests too. So, opening extra gold chests at some point won’t be a horrible prospect.

Also, Ring of Wonder comes with 200 gems to numb some of the pain.

RoW is not something I’d buy, but it has its purposes, especially if I no longer need current mythics, only future releases.

Do you imply that Mythic drop rate is affected by whether I open them one at a time or in bunch of 50?
If I open them one at a time, do I get more (or less) Mythics?

The drop rate isn’t affected, you get a little discount for buying chests in bulk.


Fleg is like level ~1470 so he plays a lot.
The extra 50% gold is an extra 600-700 gold pet pvp battle.

Casual pvp on warlord 2 is probably the best bet then. I was using Tds twb and double Pharos-Ra yesterday, great fun and 500-600 souls per battle and gold between 1700-3300. Ring would be a nice boost.

No, RoW only provides 50% boost without Dragon Armor.
100% => 150%
With Dragon Armor it is
200% => 250%

250 / 200 = 1.25
25% boost.

Big thanks to everyone for your well thought out replies especially Mithran and netwizard…all I can say is WOW that’s exactly what I wanted to know and much more so thanks guys.

I’ve actually been flipping back and forth based on replies as to which I’m better off getting. And I think for my personal situation between the choice of daily gems, dungeon packs or RoW the winner is DUNGEON PACKS.

I did some testing and RoW only increases my gold by 20% and my xp by 13% so unless they buff it back to 100% like was the initial plan then I can’t justify this tiny increase.

Dungeon packs are my best bet I reckon simply due to the guaranteed chance. I have spent 200+ VIP keys on occasion to get the newest mythic which would be $200 worth of daily gems.

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Common understanding is that boosts are to the base values, with multiple boost contributors adding up instead of multiplying. UKresistance is quite correct, an extra 50% base gold should net 600 - 700 gold each PvP battle in that level range.

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It is to base values, so given a 1000 gold pvp battle, each +50% gold will give you an extra 500 gold. Netwizard is showing an absolute percentage increase, which also is still correct.

Base 1000 gold
Dragon armor bonus 100% = 1000 gold
Ring bonus 50% = 500 gold
total = 2500 gold

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