Ring of Wonder is misleading


Seems to be giving me an extra 200ish souls which is NOT the promised 50%?

I was getting approx 1400 for a Warlord IV battle before.

This is either a mistake or false advertising.


If I’m not mistaken the bonus is off the base values not other bonuses awarded from vip levels or death knight armor.


That seems accurate - unacceptable behaviour imo.

50% should mean 50%. Or at least put some small print in so I don’t feel shafted.


Percents in this game always increase the base amount.

So a 100% bonus doesn’t double the amount of resources you get, but would rather double the amount of base resources that you would get. Having a 250% bonus with an additional 100% bonus would be additive for a ttoal of 350%, not 500%.

The purchase doesn’t specifically state this, but that is how all percents have always worked in this game since the 1st month of release.


While it’s true, it’s a fact that this game labels things extremely misleading sometimes…

I know I made the mistake to push for another VIP level to get a bonus on… I think it was Exp, but I can’t really remember anymore. What happened:
I was VIP 5, had gotten an Exp bonus of 20% from that.
It showed me that VIP 6 would get 30% bonus. I thought “Oh, 30% more wouldn’t be bad”.
Result was that I got only 10% more since it just increased the 20% I already had.

Granted, that was under the old VIP list, where things were more unclear than they are now - I think the new interface shows it better - but it still could be mistaken that way.


I think the purchase SHOULD specifically state this.

The whole package is marketed as a special 28 day offer. It is entirely reasonable to think it might actually be a special new year one off deal instead of what seems a bit like a vaguely shady money grab to me now.

I certainly don’t feel like throwing any more money at this game and I’m vip(stupidlevel)


I think it would be at 100% but since it was super nerfed to 50% I would say it is not. I got it on day one and I saw a small bump in gold but thats about it. go with deathknight armor. it is a permanent boost. the ring is only 28 days…couldlnt even go with a full month :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t think that’s misleading at all.


Now there’s a shock lol. Colour me stunned, frozen and webbed.