Better value for a new player: Path To Glory I or Ring Of Wonder?

I’ve been playing GOW for about two months, & it’s my favorite game to play atm. Which option would help me progress faster? Thanks in advance.

My level:

My most powerful troops:

Death Knight armor.


Spare you money and get the 50 bux for the Deathknight armor, its super value for money, and u are likely to be around for years to come as well.


First: there’s no way to buy fast progress in GoW. Even if you get the best mythic in the game (arguably Infernus or Ubastet), it’s not good without a legendary and the OTHER best mythic in the game. That said, having a “bad version” of a good mythic team will rocket you past the lower levels… right up into a higher bracket where you find you get your butt kicked routinely by the people who have better versions of good teams.

If you buy the Ring of Wonder, then for about a month you will get more of just about every reward. XP, gold, and souls. This will be useful for unlocking kingdoms, leveling troops, and not much else. You’ll also get a nice little bump of VIP points, probably sending you past 3 and getting the auto-scout feature that’s pretty nice.

Path to Glory I will award you a legendary at the end of the period. Will it be a good one? Will it be a bad one? You won’t know. You get some other stuff along the way, but aside from the gems it’s probably chump change compared to the stuff you’ll get from ring of wonder. You also get VIP points for this, too.

In terms of progress, if you’re still leveling kingdoms and you play a lot Ring of Wonder will make you move “faster”. You can probably grind out as much gold in a week as RoW awards over the whole duration, and you’ll get bonus souls/XP while you’re at it. Leveling kingdoms to 10 has a tangible impact on every team you build, and once you finish that you can start contributing to guild tasks which pay you back even more.

Path to Glory is… far less tangible. I mean, you’ll get the gems for Dragon or Celestial Armor based on where you are now. But you were going to get that by next week anyway. “A legendary 30 days from now” is still a kind of bad prize, even so early in the game. You’ll want it to be Queen Titania, Yao Guai, Queen Mab, or 5 or 6 others. The odds suggest it’ll be one of the 20+ you don’t really want/need.

I say Ring of Wonder. I think Path to Glory needs to either give more or be cheaper, whereas Ring of Wonder seems like an OK deal.

That said, Deathknight Armor is like a more permanent RoW, and stacks with RoW if you buy it later. It’s the only expensive good choice, and due to the way resources work DK armor gets worse the later you buy it.

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Neither unless you use in game currency that you make in game without spending real money. In such a case, Deathknight Armor as it will pay for itself very shortly.

The other two options are a quick cash grab, RoW is a waste of money, the other one is most likely going to give you a trash troop and traitstones you don’t have anywhere to place just yet.

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Looks like i’ll buy the Deathknight armor too since it’s the consensus choice.

Thanks guys for the suggestion (especially @Slypenslyde for the detailed breakdown)

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