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My bonuses - special events & ring of wonder

hey guys can someone give me a short summary how in “my bonuses” the rates for “special events” and “ring of wonder” are working and calculated and how i achieve to get there any points at all?! thx a lot!

Special Events is, from what I know, only the victory in guild wars. You get 100% XP bonus for the next day if your guild wins one of the daily wars.
The Ring of Wonder must be bought for real money in the “Offers” section. It offers 50% bonus to all three resources (Souls, Gold, XP). It costs 20 bucks for 28 days duration.

Remember it’s a percentage bonus from your base value!
So let’s say you earn 100 XP per battle.
If you have the 100% Bonus from Special Events, you earn 100 XP more, for a total of 200 XP.
If you have the Ring of Wonder as well, you earn 50% of your base value - which is 100, not 200 - on top of it - so 50 XP more!
The total would be 250 XP.

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Ring of wonder is a monthly bonus you buy and gives 50% bonus on gold, souls and xp.

Special events only cover winning a guild wars day and that is 100% bonus to xp.

Special events could also cover other misc things but cannot think of any examples

Edit: fail… Got second

All bonuses add to each other, and the result is multiplied by the base reward and added to whatever reward you get. Eg., if you have a +100% gold bonus on this screen, you’ll earn 2.0 times as much gold from battles compared to the base reward (base reward + base reward * 1.0). If you added a Ring of Wonder on top of this, you’d then have a +150% gold bonus and earn 2.5 times as much gold from battles compared to the base reward (base reward + base reward * 1.5).

I vaguely remember a “double gold” event a long, long time back which effectively still just added +100% to the gold bonus and therefore was not “double” anything for anyone that had been playing longer than a week to get Dwarven Armor or better.

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Thank you for the fast answers!!!