Special Event Bonus XP should last for the whole week, not only for one day!

You get this bonus if your Guild has won the Guild Wars. This is something that I think is well deserved.
We used to get a one week bonus to XP which really helped me a lot.

Special Event Bonus: (+100% bonus to Experience) is no longer valid for one week, but only for a day!

I just found this information posted here:

I think that such information should also be put on the Forum as well, not just sneakily in the Guide section for the Gems of War. Many people are not aware of it.
I suppose many other people don’t agree with this change as well, intended or not.

I think that a one week bonus to Experience is a good thing.
I do not always have time to play on Mondays. Some people can only play during the weekends.

Please, extend the Special Event Bonus for Experience points to one week again.

I asked around many people and most of them are saying that you got really skimpy recently.
I hope that you consider this and revert the change that you’ve made, even if you listed this as a bug.

Good luck.

Kind regards,
Koromac [Hoguns]

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It actually was a bug. We were only ever meant to get 24 hours bonus XP for winning a day in GW.

Instead of changing this I’d rather have other ways to earn 50 seals and bonus XP on non GW weeks.

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One day means nothing. Most people don’t have enough time during the week to take advantage of it.
They work to earn their hard-earned money.

To get a weekly bonus boost of 100% experience would be much better solution and it would not affect anything in the long run.

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It was “a bug” for several years and never reported as such. The first time we heard “it’s a bug” was the day after they fixed it. I’m sorry but I’m never going to believe “it’s a bug” on that basis. What they mean is, “This is an unpopular change and I still want to be cool so if I call it a bug the players will be happy.”

“You get a week of bonuses for winning a weeklong event” isn’t a preposterous expectation. The “bug”, in my opinion, was it was lasting 3 weeks, but I think you’ll find plenty of players that’d be quite pleased if the “fix” for that were a weekly GW again :wink:

Anyway the other angle I find it odd from is this “fix” is a thing that makes it harder for new players to catch up to old players. I got to experience more than 50 weeks of week-long XP bonuses. No player who signs up now gets to have that. This is on my list of “Why new players shouldn’t start GoW” reasons fairly low, but it’s still very off-model for a game to, after several years, introduce measures that slows down new player development vs. the rate old players had.

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Winning a daily GW battle gives an XP bonus for 24 hours so for it to last more than 24 hours is a bug.

I agree with that which is why I said we should have more ways to get bonus XP.

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OK phrased that way, I agree with your angle. 24h bonus per day for winning GW, with other opportunities for bonuses throughout the week is cool.

Still inconsistent with how players were rewarded for literally years, though. That’s a thing that bugs me.


We should have an opportunity to get bonus XP and 50 seals for every day not just on GW weeks.

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