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No bonus to experience

Won the last battle of the Guild war. A week was a bonus to the experience. Not today. Why? He must be three weeks between the Guild wars.

Since when is a week?

Winning a GW battle gives you exp bonus for the 24 hours

GW ended two days ago, so you got a 24 hour exp bonus for monday. Yesterdays bonus is gone today.

9 days ago.

According to @Kafka.
The guild wars extra XP was a bug that they recently decided to fix.
The issue with ninja fixes occuring like this is the mass confusion that people have afterwards.
Taking 5 minutes to post about the fix would probably do more good than harm. But what I do know. 🤷


Uhhhh. Apparently I drank far too little coffee today.
Pretty bad when I forget about a whole week…

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Hey, we put things like this in the Known issues section on the Help Centre:

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It said you did 3 minutes ago. As a player am I expected to check it daily?
Or could a message be sent out to all players in game whenever there’s a change made to the game that isn’t featured on the patch notes?

Cyrup just re-worded the article for me, I posted it shortly after the fix went out. (which is why it says 3 mins ago)

I’ll talk to the team about how we want to communicate something like this moving forward.


We won last gk Sunday and we are missing the XP bonus since yesterday please to feedback guide The killing Hunters wir spielen auf PS4.

A topic in the official news section would be fine.

@Mina1101 Just read the posts above, it was a bug and it is now (finally) removed.