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Stingy XP today...Why?

For some reason I’m only getting 67XP per match, yet normally I get a bit over 100XP. Does anyone know why?

There are 3 possibilities that I can think of:

Did you have a guild wars XP bonus activated which then expired? If so, problem solved!

Double check your armour is set to the correct one - some people have found their armour changed without them realising.

If you’re exploring, maybe the difficulty level changed without you realising.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

My armour is unchanged as is the difficulty level. I’m not sure about some guild wars XP bonus and don’t know how to check that.

Losing 1/3 my normal XP per match makes me want to quit playing until tomorrow and see if it’s been fixed…

If you won guild wars on Sunday, then yesterday you would have received a mail giving you 50 seals and telling you that you got a 50% XP boost from the time the mail was sent. That boost would have expired at the reset today. Maybe check with your guildmates if you can’t remember whether you won on Sunday or not?

Yes we participate in guild wars, but 67 XP is far less then what I received before GW became part of GoW. Does XP diminish as your hero gains levels?

What is your current XP boost? Under hero level in the world map. Also, which armour are you using? And can you confirm if you’re talking about PvP or explore, and if explore, then what difficulty?

The XP boost is 185 & the hero is wearing Celestial Armour. 67xp for 4 foes in either explore or PvP and since I’m trying to get through the weekly event, I’m on normal difficulty. Since this is less then I received before Guild Wars was added, I can’t see this being the factor.

I’m taking care of Dungeon and also receive just 67 XP.

Thanks for confirming that.

The bad news is that 67 XP is correct. I get 99xp with a 275 bonus (deathknight armour plus guild statue bonuses) which is the same ratio as you: 9 XP per kill (34XP for beating 4 troops) multiplied by the bonus.

If your guild won its Sunday battle, that would give you a temporary additional bonus of 50, making your XP ratio 235 and netting you 84 XP per battle.

There has been no nerf of XP that I am aware of - I can’t explain how you used to get over 100 (unless you beat summons in every match). Hero level also shouldn’t affect it.

I do participate in Guild Wars and we won the day (and every day last week). Also, this is the lowest XP I’ve received, AFAIK, after defeating four troops since I started playing GoW about three years ago.

At any rate, I’m done for the day.

I get 90 XP as usual (PvP, Explore). (XP Boost: 250%)

Play an explore match one the hardest difficulty and then go and play a PVP match. You should then see your XP how back to normal.

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Well today my XP is back to “normal”. I guess it was a bonus (that I wasn’t paying attention to) from guild wars.

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