Getting Guild Wars Bonus - +100% exp on Monday or during GW week

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PC, Steam client
Windows 7

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What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Since it’s only Monday today and no Team won any GW battles, there should not be any rewards during a new weekly reset - Guild Wars week.

Someone said that the EXP boost bonus is not granted, but it’s listed under the Hero statistical screen - Masteries.

I believe this relates to the last Guild Wars. If you won on Sunday, you do not get the rewards until the next Guild Wars. I can’t be positive about that, though.


Thank you for your answer. Developers will take a look and hopefully comment on this.

This happens every guildwars for me on Monday

So, you and your team have won on the last day (Sunday) when a previous GW event was running?

yes we did

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This is working as intended, as before, if you got the message & bonus the day after GW ended…it lasted until the next GW three weeks later.