Rewards needs some rework i think

I know there was a recent thread about the problems with Orbs of Growth.
But i feel currently the game as a serious problem with rewards all around. It’s so lack-luster that i have not spent any money on it for over a year (VIP 10). Because i don’t lack Gems.
Not because i have too many.
But because i don’t spend them.

Take this Bounty event. As an example. Not a big fan of bounty events, as it’s basically about trying to win as much as possible with bad, crappy, uninteresting troops. Not my cup of tea. I’m sure a lot of players like this mode, just not my favorite by far.

So i didn’t buy any tier, i’ll get that new troop in 4 weeks…
So, with the base sigils, i reached Reward 12 so far on day 1. That’s 2 chaos orbs. Nice, right? Free stuff.
Well, i got a Growth and a Clan, so basically, i got nothing. As usual. No, Growth and Clan orbs are not “sometimes useful”. To me they are duds. They have zero use, you cannot convert them into anything. It’s basically a rock for Xmas.
Now, some will say: Yo Venar, you complain about getting a “chance” for some cool stuff for free!

That’s not what i’m getting at. What i am getting at is that i have absolutely no motivation to invest into the event to reach the next Orb. The chance to be disappointed are so high that i just gave up.

Currently, rewards in the game are:
Orbs (basically a losing lottery ticket since chances are vastly in favor of disappointment)
Vault Keys (another losing lottery ticket)
Various Chest Keys (same)
Gems (used to buy Chest Keys or tier to reach Orbs…)

See, working towards losing lottery tickets is no fun…
So i don’t spend.
Only things i go for with my gems are guaranteed stuff, like Tiers to get Weapons , or the daily diamond offer because i can use Diamonds to craft stuff.

My suggestion:

1- add more guaranteed rewards, even if they cost more. For exemple, for new Legendary, a player could use Green Keys, or buy it for 1000 gems. Then players would have the choice to invest in keys(luck) or pay more for the guaranteed shot.
2- Rethink Orbs. You are killing your economy by making it an unattractive goal. The chance to get a dud needs to be drastically lowered if you want players to spend Gems to try to grab an Orb.
3- Let Orbs be salvage in the Forge for something good (ingots? Diamonds? Orb pieces?)
4- Same for Vault Keys. Since these keys are sometimes tier rewards, the bad treasures need to be reduced.

So that’s me, i guess i am a bit burned about my 90% Growth Orb drop-rate, and i am curious about what people currently think about the various carrots in the game.
Is the prospect of maybe getting an Orb still a motivation for you guys to spend some gems?


Vault Keys have taught me that Orbs aren’t fun to open let alone chase after. Then they keep shoving me to open Vault Keys to get Gnome troops. shrug


The orbs i definitely agree with. I have not gotten an orb of ascension since the 29th of august. And I have completed every individual and guild event that gives orbs since then. I have zero need for any of the other orbs. other then to craft zuul. ascension could at least be useful sometimes.


Orbs predominantly suck.

Orbs of Growth suck even more.

Orbs being stockpiled to use on Zuul’Goth? Ugh.

I mean … if we didn’t have Zuul dangling in front of us for eighteen months’ time from now, we might actually use Orbs more for their intended purposes. But … if we did that, Growth would go untouched.

And I don’t like Bounty, Invasion or Raid.


Bought Tier 6 in the bounty. Easily spent 4 hours on it today.

What’s sad is the Ascension Orb would cause people to look at it like I got “lucky”.
My current orbs after getting “lucky”.
I’ve used one Major Ascension Orb and probably 8-10 minor orbs.

I really don’t understand the reward system is this game any longer.

Take orbs, I’d love to use at least the ascensions ones. Instead I’m finding myself hoarding them all, never ever using a single one for what looks like at least another year to come. Because somebody considered it a good idea to also make them a currency for buying an exclusive troop. Way to cripple a new game feature right on the day it got released.

Take ingots, I’d love to upgrade my weapons. Except that almost all of them suddenly receive random behavior as part of their upgrade path, which ruins them for someone who wants to play in a controlled way instead of rolling the dice. This is especially true for mythic weapons, there isn’t a single one that doesn’t transform into a display of fireworks likely to burn you.

Take souls, a currency only obtained in large amounts by playing the game for a very, very long time. I’d love to spend them in the soul forge in some way, except that there isn’t really anything other than crafting Dawnbringer, even a year after it was added. I feel like there should be several prohibitively expensive soul based carrots here that make it painful to decide which one I’ll be working towards for the next months. And yet I see only empty shelves.


Damn, you got lucky. My last twenty orbs were everything except ascension ones.


Meanwhile, the only thing that could interest me, guild gifts, asks for real money…

Can’t I give my Orb pile to a new player?


It’ll never happen though.
That’s the sad reality of this game.

Maybe spend some more $$$ to fill the void? #sarcasm

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I think the rewards do need a re-work, the game is becoming more and more frustrating.

Ingenuity from self and players makes it still viable for me, but it does seem we get clobbered whenever we use ingenuity.

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I’d be behind this.


Speaking of Growth orbs, do you know what I find funny? If you are a high(er) VIP level (where new troops start at lvl 5 or 10 or whatever) when you use a Major Growth orb, you are actually getting less value from them vs someone who isn’t a VIP.

So, essentially, you spent real money to get less (value) out of in game content. Neat.

And, don’t even get me started on VIP chests. With all the Gem nerfs, I really can’t afford to even do those anymore. I would need to actually buy Gems in order to do so. So, in other words, I would need to pay more money to use a feature I already paid money for, in the first place. Also, neat. Pfft.

The “balance” of this game is all out of whack, man.


Orb of growth are completely useless as i have millions of souls(i got 2 or 3 in bounty),and the soul gnome negates them.Orbs of wisdom no use to me either but will be a godsend for some…Clan orbs are ok and ascension orb save a lot of time and resources…Are the devs listening to how players feel about them?.


Oh yes they are, which is why its the rate they currently are. Listening doesn’t mean they have to act on it sadly.


To be constructive, here are some suggestions for various new rewards to put into the game.

1- Cosmetic/Esthetics. Many very popular games just put cosmetic stuff to collect (think Fortnite or Overwatch skins and sprays).
In GoW, we could get new Avatar options, Avatar voice lines, or do like Hartstone or MTG and introduce shiny troop and weapon cards.

2- Consumable. Stuff you use for a bonus for a few games, like say a Minor Soulberry Cupcake that gives 25% souls for 5 games, or a Large Boom Pie that explodes 3 gems at the start of your next 10 games…

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What a great catch for reward 20 along with the 4 other growth orbs this week…It is just not worth the effort to be let down with this garbage over and over again @Cyrup @Kafka etc etc


So, 2 more Orbs today, 2 Growth.
Now, I understand we get a lot of Orbs, so that’s why they are not all good.
But to motivate us buying tiers, we need a new carrot, OR a new use for Orbs.

Maybe a slot machine that you pay with Orbs and give out shiny cards!

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I forgot something in my original comment that people have mentioned before:

When crafting a Major Orb of Growth, you actually lose value doing so. You already need 20 minors to begin with plus you have to spend souls to craft it. So, if you are using Growth orbs on a troop, it’s better for you to use minors, one by one. Especially, if you are one of the VIPs with “troops start at level 5, 10, whatever”, like myself.

So, not only are Growth Orbs useless to End Gamers (who have a bunch of souls), crafting Major Growth Orbs actually cost you more than they are worth, and if you’re one of those VIP people I mentioned, Major Growth Orbs actually give you less value than they do for someone that isn’t a VIP. That just doesn’t seem right to me.

Also, let’s not forget the insane drop rate of Growth Orbs vs the others. It really becomes a pain when you want to craft Zuul. You could have enough Major Growth Orbs to craft 10 Power Orbs before you have enough Major Ascension or Wisdom Orbs to craft ONE Power Orb. It’s just ridiculous.

Your best bet, if you want Zuul and don’t want to “deal” with Chaos Orb RNG, is to just go straight for the Power Orbs on the Leaderboard. But, we all know the amount of Gems that would take is insane.

As I said before, the “balance” of this game is all out of whack.


This is not a viable strategy if many people pursue it. There are, what, 6 Power Orbs available weekly? If seven hundred people (less than 1% of the active player base) decide to try for a Power Orb, the gem cost associated with that orb will skyrocket. Which the devs would not mind, of course.


Oh, I agree. I just mean that’s the only way to get Zuul by avoiding the crap RNG. And it is indeed bad.

That example I gave about the 20 Major Growth, but only 1 Major Ascension and Wisdom, that was me at one point. I think it was more like 20 Growth, 2 Wisdom, and 1 Ascension, but my point stands.

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