Refresh event rewards

Since the launch of Gnome-a-Palooza, orbs have become significantly easier to get. How about a refresh of rewards for at least World Event, and preferably also Raid Boss and Invasion? The rewards for Journey were a lot more interesting.

It’s hard to get 30 people excited about playing a lot of battles and spending gems to get a single big (usually green or orange) orb when they can pick up 20+ of them on a Vault weekend if they play a lot.

I’d like to see some of the orbs swapped out for books of deeds, imperial deeds, writs, doom scrolls, cursed runes, and diamonds - stuff that is still in high demand and hard to get elsewhere

(and to forestall the nitpickers, yes I know diamonds and cursed runes can be obtained from gnomes, and that doomscrolls can in principle be forged although the price is prohibitive)


Leaderboards especially need a refresh. Most endgamers have heaps of orbs and there’s no new boss troop to craft anyway so the power orb no longer has any appeal whatsoever to a lot of players.


Good idea to refresh them too