Please update the reward system

For five years i played gems of war got Zuul’Goth and i level 1,422 and have 1,027 troops out of 1,071 and from my experience the reward drop rate % is broken we all see it. Orb of Choas gives growth Orbs 98% of the time, VIP chest drop Old Mythic copies 97% of the time, guild seal chest at max 40k seals drops Ultra rare troops 98% of the time, EVERYTHING we get is worthless to us. We battle earn keys, glory, guild seals, gold and get nothing exciting! Oh Ya Gold chest is the only chest that gives rewards we expect to happen. We all need a MAJOR UPDATE on the chest rewards, i my self got all new mythics i never had before from soul forge. I had to buy all 8 Orbs of Power 49.99 each i never won a power orb from a Major Orb of Choas, all the Orbs of Choas give growth orbs 99% of the time from what i experienced. Please fix it.


Wow. You know you can craft them right?


Before gnome-a-palooza, I will agree with you :100:%.

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Unless they add more things that require power orbs, their value has a steep drop-off.

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This is just… not true. Back when I was tracking this stuff in my vault runs, I opened 80 minor orbs and got growth 37% of the time, Wisdom 24%, Clans 31%, and Ascension 8%.

For Major Orbs, I got 68 of them and got Growth 25% of the time, wisdom 28%, clans 34%, and ascension 13%. And now major orbs have a 1% chance for orb of power as well.