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Rewards for Guild Patents

One thing that really needs improvement in the game is the patent system in the guilds.
The leader can choose the patents of the members and this normally defines their participation in the guild, however, many members do not care to be in the second (below the leader) or last patent. This is because there is no reward for being the second or last member in contributions and many guilds ask for different contributions depending on the patent (the higher patents have to offer larger contributions).

It would be interesting if there was a weekly reward for guild members based on the patent each occupies, and the larger patent members would receive a slightly larger reward.

I also think that these rewards need not be large sums, but at least an incentive for the guild members to stay in it and compete for a better position.

I know that the intent of the developers is to encourage players not to spin guilds, but to be faithful to them.
I think this might be a good idea to make the members of a guild stay the same and feel ambition to grow with it.


So depending on your rank (patent) in the Guild you earn some extra rewards? If so what would they be and how much?

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Wild. I’ve been playing for almost 4 years, have been in 15-20 guilds, and this is the first time I’ve heard of these sorts of requirements.

I see that way, many leaders use patents to define the amount of gold / trophies that the player in that patent must donate on a weekly basis.

While this idea is feasible in theory, in practice, most players in these guilds choose to hold the lowest patents in order to have a lower goal to fulfill.

And in this case I’m referring to the guild big and strong, in the smaller guilds neither the leaders nor the members care about patents, being a resource without utility and meaningless, since there is no benefit in your patent being the one that comes soon below the leader or the last.

One way to encourage the leader to organize and divide patents among members would be to offer weekly rewards to members in those patents. I’m not talking about anything exaggerated.

Take as leader being rank 1 on the rank and rank 2, 3, 4 and 5, consider, on Monday’s awards, the balance of the previous week.
Rank 2 - 50 gems / 50 diamonds
Rank 3 - 25 gems / 25 diamonds
Rank 4 - 50 thousand gold / 50 thousand souls
Rank 5 - 25 thousand gold / 25 thousand souls

They are not exorbitant awards, but they encourage the guild member to want to merit the patent granted by the leader because he knows he will have a reward for that status and that is what the game is about, deserve the rewards he earns.

In order to avoid cheating, of the type “leader naming everyone as Rank 2”, it would be interesting to modify these maximum values.
Rank 2 - 5 members / maximum
Rank 3 - 7 members / maximum
Rank 4 - 8 members / maximum
Rank 5 - 9 members +

By logical, the leader will nominate the most experienced and active in the guild for the highest and the inexperienced and novice patents for the following.

Anyway, I find it almost pointless for us leaders to grant patents to our members and to tell them “this is only symbolic, whether the second rank or the last, there is no difference in the occupation.” And I’ve always done this because there’s always the question “what’s the use of these patents?”

What I would like is for there to be a reason for this classification.

Still thinking of encouraging the player to remain in a guild and not randomly changing, the game could offer a monthly reward (an orb would be welcome) to members who remained in a guild without being downgraded in their patents. For this, the same should connect daily during the 30 calendar days in the game.

In short, if he had the rank down or left the guild, he would have to start this process from scratch in another in order to receive this orb. This would be a “loyalty award” for permanence and support for the guild, as for many of us, the guild is like a family.

I know this may seem completely unimportant, but the only thing I think is that this would motivate players to be more loyal to the guilds they chose to be part of.

I think that more depends on the player in question and how the guild is run and expectations between the two.

First, if the player isn’t communicative in the first place, there’s no way to tell how he/she feels about the guild and how “loyal” they might be. They can stay and be happy or they can “jump ship” but you’ll never know why in either case.

Second, if the player is communicative, it depends how they interact with the other guild members and vice versa. Do they share the same ideas and goals? Is it an atmosphere where they would want to stay?

Third, assuming the player is communicative and the guild “atmosphere” is pleasant/fine, does the player meet reqs/goals of the guild? Does the guild meet goals “fast enough” for the player?

I just had this experience - Despite having a friendly atmosphere (I hope, but that’s what they said), a player left my guild after a couple of weeks because we didn’t complete all tasks on Monday but rather mid-week. We were more “laid back” than they expected and so they wanted to move to a guild that did complete the tasks on Monday. And that’s fine, we parted amicably, but our goals were different. Would “rewards” have made the player want to stay more? Hypothetical since the player can’t answer for themselves here, so really who knows, but I would venture not really. They wanted the guild rewards faster (and presumably the statues bonuses activated) rather than any small “loyalty” reward.

And really, do you want someone who’s just there for the loyalty reward but otherwise not happy overall?

That said, I understand this is a feature request and certainly having the option can’t hurt. All I’m saying is that I’m skeptical/pessimistic :slight_smile: of what kind of influence it may have on retaining members and that there are more important factors in play that decide for a player whether they want to stay or not.

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@Cyrup @Dorgath
I understand your point of view, but that is not the question presented in the post but rather the meaning of these patents.
Patents should have some value to the guild, after all, the way they are, do not even serve as aesthetics.

Of course, for a player to be loyal to a guild we have to consider X factors and putting on a list of importance patents would not be among the priorities.

But many of the factors you cited can not be resolved by Devs or with changes in guild design. These are elements that involve personal interaction. Here I refer to what the game offers and not to relationships between players.

In addition, even though patents may be irrelevant to larger, more active guilds, in most less active and casual guilds where members play for fun and friendship, any small reward offered by the efforts is welcome.

In my guild, for example, we close the tasks until the end week yes, week not because of the available time of each one. We play for fun as a family where we understand each other and respect each other’s limits, without great charges for very large weekly goals.

In this case, if the patents were no longer a vague element without important reason to exist in the game, it would be interesting and useful for us.

It’s just my point of view, but I really do not like to see an element in the game that “is just there to be”. I’d rather see a sense in that.

Another option, perhaps more “fair” would be for the game to automatically set patents below the leader according to the members’ weekly activity.

Explaining better, on Monday, members would receive their rewards for the current patent and according to activity the previous week the game would update the patents, putting all in a higher order of participation by the results obtained.

This would take away the leader’s decision to “choose” which member would have such a patent, but it would be a fair system, where each member knew their effort would define their position in the guild (similar to patents in Guild War, as defined by the player’s score in the week) .

In that case, the leader could still decide the names of the patents, as allowed in Update 4.2, but the appointments would be automatic.