Rework of Guild Rank System within Guilds

Right now, there isn’t a whole lot of point to your rank within your guild. If you’re any higher than the lowest rank, you can invite people (probably the most important ability), but other than that, you just get the ability to change the announcement, guild symbol, and promote members. Not really anything people are that interested in competing for.

So, what about making some kind of bonus for members of a guild, based upon their guild rank? Not something huge, but a little incentive to actually try for a higher rank.

I was thinking about something like this : At the end of the week, the game could calculate how many resources your guild gained through completing guild tasks for the week, and then give a bonus, depending on your guild rank.

Something like : Rank 1 (lowest rank) = 0%
Rank 2 = 2%
Rank 3 = 4%
Rank 4 = 6%
Rank 5 (Guildmaster) = 8%

This would really help people with collecting some of those resources that are being spread a bit thin (like gems), and also give members a reason to strive for a higher rank.

Why should people compete for rank within a guild? For that matter, my guild currently has 52 spots at the second-highest rank. We could easily hold all members there, with 23 spots to spare. How would we even compete for ranks that are functionally unlimited?

Given that promotion within a guild is performed entirely at the discretion of the top two ranks (and demotion solely by the guild master), competing for rewards based on rank seems like it opens up a big can of worms regarding in-guild politicking and drama in general.


Yeah, that’s a good point. There are currently a lot of “extra” rank spots, which would need to be adjusted first, to limit the number for each rank and the total number for a guild. Not really sure why there are the extra rank spots currently right now.

It just seems that there really is not much of a point to rank in guilds right now. If people could have a bit of a friendly competition within their guild to jockey for rank, it just might encourage more playing.

Another idea, would be to not base a bonus on “rank” within the guild, but by total contributions over the week. Of course, this would then open up the debate of which resources (gold, seals, trophies) are worth what, but it could possibly work.

Just an idea. :slight_smile:

So if you are a recruit in a higher ranking guild and are still leveling kingdoms and are advised by said guild to use all your gold for that, which is what our guild does, you get nothing and the richest players get rewarded? If that is what I think you are suggesting, it is not a good idea.

I am opposed to this.

However, giving purely cosmetic flair things to your hero/profile based on rank inside a Guild might be nice. So when battling you can see… oh there are the top of their particular guild. And on the home screen you can look extra fancy.

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The Guild Rank system is nothing more than a simple permissions system and doesn’t really need to be anything else. Rewarding higher ranks would also send the wrong message as to the role of guild leadership.

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Good point about the ranks, as members who are contributing but still leveling would probably be bound to a lower rank, so what if it was based around your total contributions to the guild over the week then? As in : You’re in the bottom 20% of overall contributions for the week, you don’t get any bonus, but if you’re somewhere in the range of 21% - 40%, you get +2%, 41% - 60%, you get +4%, etc, up to the top of 81% - 100% (top contributor).

So, even if you’re still leveling, you’re still getting 100% of all the guild rewards, it’s just that if you’re putting in the extra effort to play a lot more and contribute a lot more, you have something to show for it. And of course, because it’s within your own guild, the more each person contributes, the more tasks your guild completes, and the more rewards there are for everyone.

Just thinking of different ways to make your efforts worth a bit more if you’re a heavy contributor within your guild compared to someone who doesn’t play as much. Shouldn’t the players who put in the most time, effort, and contributions within their guild be rewarded a bit more for their extra efforts? :wink: