Reward EXP Bar after Level 1000

Currently, after level 1000, EXP is totally useless.
Why not the EXP bar is replaced by a Reward EXP bar that will be filled with EXP and when it’s full it gives you some rewards (gold, souls, keys, etc), go back to zero and loop?


Supposedly the level cap is removed soon.

[LEVEL_KEY_EXTRA_MESSAGE]">Wow! Beyond level 1000! That’s awesome! Have a free Event Key!


If it seriously gives 1 free event key for being level 1,000 when it switches, that would be the most hilarious slap in the face ever. They would be better off giving nothing.

I played this other game I mention from time to time… rewards for leveling stopped at 50… I got to 100-something… then when I took a break for a few months, they changed it to a 20-cap. Sucks.

Lets not do that.

How much experience is level 1000? If you look at your item list, where it says how much glory you have that’s actually your exp.

Glory is a separate currency. It is mainly used for weekly events in the shop menu.

I think I’ve seen somewhere that in the console version there’s a bug, and ‘glory’ in the collection tab actually shows exp.

EDIT: Found it:

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That would be a nice feature for them to add to all platforms. Have a little purple star in the Hero Collection tab that shows total exp.

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From the wording, I’d expect this to behave like Diablo 3’s Paragon levels, or Guild Wars 2’s endgame, wherein the xp bar fills in at level 1000 but instead of going to level 1001 afterward, you’d instead get one glory key each time the bar rolls over.


No event key for you then :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not VIP key? I was thinking a set of rewards like the weekly PVP reward better than just one key.

What if after level x we get a prize or something sound like a good idea and give an exp boost when using hero cause i mean it is our hero’s level we are leveling through battles and the like without use of souls.

An event key and some bonus glory or something, but not too much… Watching the purple bar fill up is rewarding enough…

VIP keys should only ever be for the VIP scheme for cash purchases…