Any data on hero stats and levels post 1000?

Thanks gentlemen, not been on the forums for a while.

When I hit 1100, I got a +1 armor boost. Every level up has given 100 glory and one event key.

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when you level up from 1100 to 1101, you get those?

better get myself on level 1000 then!

And, besides the Glory and Event key, every 100 levels up to 2000 should give a +1 stat. It was mentioned in Official News when the level cap was raised, but I don’t remember which stat exactly on what level.

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It’s a +1 stat boost to the hero only every hundred levels after 1000. For single levels, like 1000 to 1001, you get 100 glory and one event key. Sorry if I wasn’t clear the first time.


EDIT: sorry misread your reply.
It was what @Sirrian said (in the 2.1 patch note):

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Has it got gradually harder to level or did it suddenly get harder after 1000? Has it got harder to level in a sudden jump again after 1100?
I am around 1050, I unfortunately have not been paying attention. I will try to add up every exp after battle now o.O

About a level per day is about the best that I can muster, and that’s on my most active days.

This may be recall bias, but it seemed like a long slog from 1050 to 1100. 1100 to 1110 feels like it went quicker again. But I may be imagining things.

Not sure exactly but I think it’s roughly 15x or so more XP to reach the next level after 1000 than before.

Here is some info on experience required to level post 1000:

Up to level 1020 it takes about 500 to 600 xp to level.
Then it suddenly (i think from 1020 to 1021) goes to 3.300 xp to level.
1060 to 1061 takes 7.000 xp.
1116 to 1117 takes 12.000 xp.

And I can only assume this keeps increasing in a similar fashion.

I hope not… 12.000 xp that’s like 120 matches on vip 3 with warlord 2.
Kinda wish it was capped at 10k max xp to level… As it takes out leveling as an incentive to play at these levels, aka one less reason to keep playing.


supposed to be 1 battles worth of xp added per lvl…ie lvl 10,000 is impossible :cry:

I think even level 2000 is impossible tbh…

Highest player I’ve ever seen was around 1250.