[Not a bug] Level 1000 reward repeating

XBox - Version 5.5.1r27557

I keep getting the level 1000 reward when I level up. I am at level 1013 and have gotten the reward 13 times.

I don’t know but it sounds like a bug.

Once you hit level 1000, you will get " 1 event key and 100 glory" each time you level up.

Your skills will only increase every 100 levels up to 2000. Once you hit level 2000, you will receive skill increases every 1000 levels.

I don’t have a screen shot to show you, but next time up level up, read the full text.
It will say when and which skill will increase.

For a list of skills increase:


Thanks for your help. I appreciate it


you are welcome :grin:

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