Infinite "Level up" reward bug

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I leveled up and got stuck in a loop where the “increase mastery” screen would just keep popping up after i had already put a point in one of my masteries. It acted like it didn’t recognize my previous input and just kept opening up the same screen i got on my first attempt. I only did it 5 times before i restarted the game, but when i got back, i found that i got the “Level up” reward for each of those seemingly failed attempts to level up my mastery. As i said, i stopped after it happened 5 times and I haven’t claimed any rewards as I’m waiting on an official response.
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time I had anything like this happen since I started playing.
Steps to make it happen again
I have no idea. I did the same thing I’ve done previous 1251 times.


Submit a ticket under the rewards section that you got multiple level up rewards. I wouldn’t fear the claim all button. If they want to take the event keys back they will. But most likely it’s not worth the trouble. Otherwise, I wouldn’t count on them seeing this any time soon. So really an official ticket would be best. Yes it’s a bug, but it’s also excessive rewards… The rewards part make it a worthy ticket.

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Thanks @awryan, will do that

These things just have to happen on a Friday evening, huh?

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Weird huh? :wink:
(I think someone forgets to turn the “stove off” when they leave work for the weekend. Or… This is happening…24/5…
And he or she takes a few days break from it on the weekend.)

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