Game froze while I was leveling up

I won a PvP battle about 10 minutes ago. I received the correct rewards (glory, experience, etc) and then went to the “you have gained a level” screen. The game then froze solid, before I had the option to pick a mastery to increase.

When I finally was able to log back in, I could see that I did gain the level. But what happened to the mastery I never picked? Is that point gone forever, or did the game assign it to me randomly? Since I did not have my stats written down, I cannot tell.

The next time you complete a battle the mastery will be offered again. This has happened to me before. Point is not lost nor randomly assigned. Just put off.

I just tried your suggestion. It did not work.

Your mastery total points will be equal to your hero level. It should appear and let you assign it. I have had this happen to me in the past.

In that case I think it’s lost.
You could either submit a ticket for it to get it back, or just ignore it.
TBH, that one point won’t make that much of a difference at end game.
By the time you get to level 1000, that missing one point will be so close to the infinite asymptotic curve that it’ll probably only translate as 0.05% or less.

My current level is 544. My mastery points run as follows:

Yellow: 90
Green: 90
Blue: 91
Purple: 91
Red: 91
Brown: 90

For a total of 543. I’ve logged in and out multiple times now without an option to assign the missing point.

DMar, play another PvP game and win… and it should offer it. If it doesn’t please send a support ticket to the game and let them know what went wrong and they will fix it.

I have won multiple PvP fights since this happened–my second post mentions that I tried that :-). I’ll have to send a ticket.

I can’t even log into my iOS gems account in order to play another PvP match… and check to see if I can get my missing level up point :frowning:

@AeroCloud Thanks for the info, good to know that mastery total points is supposed to be equal to one’s hero level.

Quick piece of important information. I submitted a ticket about this, and got the following response from Nimhain:

[quote]Your hero’s Gem Mastery is actually the correct amount, as Gem Mastery is always 1 less than your actual level (as you don’t get your first Gem Mastery until level 2).

What most likely happened is the game randomly chose between the two colors you would have been offered and increased the amount by 1. We could move 1 point from one color to another if you would like, but are unable to help beyond that.[/quote]

So, your mastery level is NOT equal to your character’s level.

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They expect us to spend money on this game when you can’t even play it all day? hah