Level Up bug prevents Leveling Up

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I got Level Up, and was about to choose a mastery to be increased, but it got me thinking - “What’d happen if you leave the game now, it crashes or anything else happens, that would prevent you from chosing your mastery?”
So I noted the masteries, left the game, re-opened it and went to mastery tab, see, in what mastery the point randomly went (Which was what I expected), but the masteries had not changed.
I was Confused, I thought that I lost the mastery point… But got an idea, so I tried again…
I got enough xp to gain a level up, I noted the level I just got, left the game, reopened it and checked the level - all my experience for that level was nullified and I was back to previous level.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
As described above

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

But why would you intentionally leave the game at this moment just to trigger this “bug”? I am sure there aren’t many (or not even one) who had a crash during leveling up, so why bother the support with such a minor thing :stuck_out_tongue:

It did happen to me a few times
Sitting at bus, playing the game, and right at the moment, when I have a level up, I am supposed to get out of the bus or tram, so I just put the phone in my pocket, run out of the bus, get in school, don’t get involved with the phone much, then I open it, and the game goes dark and it reloads itself…
Maybe someone asks me about something while leveling, so I put the game aside, lookup something on the internet, go back to the game and it is dark and needs to reload itself…
Yes, it probably is not very common for it to happen, but the thing is that it CAN happen, and it kinda resets the progress on the experience bar.
Which is not that much of a problem, but it is something that I believe should be taken care of

Even if it’s just an uncommon annoyance, it’s good to get this stuff documented and fixed. This is pretty egregious for those who may be effected, especially if they are lower level players trying to squeeze out every speck of benefit from their playing time.

I’m curious if it all gets restored with a normal uninterrupted level up.

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Its happened once or twice. Not just levelling up but also lost rewards AFTER a battle. Its very rare for me so I never bothered asking I just did the level again. But I figured I would mention it here just so the OP has some backup. Or Whatever.

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