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Hero stop level up

For some reason the game no longer compute the experience gained. I am at level 267 and then I reached this level can no longer level up. And there appeared a purple bar on the figure of my character what appears to be a bug.

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I’ve fixed it for you, so you should be able to gain XP again.

Thanks for listening. Note that when I finished one continuous battle without computing the experience. See a bug in the experience bar on the left inside corner.

Hands down the fastest-responding, most willing-to-help development team I have encountered in my 25+ years of gaming.


Indeed. Unfortunately still not solved my problem.

I’ve gone back and you should level up correctly next time you win a battle.

Thanks. I’ll pass feedback for you. Many thanks.

Thank you very much. It worked exactly as you said. I made a battle and advanced to level 268. Some hint of what might have occurred? Do I risk this happen again?

Unfortunately I’m not sure what caused it but your XP got set to a negative value. It’s easy enough for us to fix, so if you see it again, I would contact our support team.

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Ho man… crazy … Many thanks again.