Yo, dawg! I heard you like XP, so I got you some XP to go with your XP so you can gain XP while you're gaining XP!




is it just bugged on the number? or you actually leveled up few times??


Exp is given per kill. The challenge in question has a Giant Spider for free unlimited summons. This is the Gems of War equivalent of letting enemies “call for help” endlessly in old RPGs.


Curious. I wonder how long that match lasted?


Also, did you level up multiple times? Or did the server cap you at 1 level up?


No, it’s not bugged.

Keen eye. My past repeats itself. :smiley:

Quite a while. Over an hour and a half. It is not effective in the slightest sense. I just wanted to do it to see how the system would handle it and if there was an XP cap. I would not recommend ever doing this.

No, I did level up more than once. At some point, I’m going to have to submit a ticket about it actually, because although I leveled up more than once, I only got to pick my mana bonus once. I’m fairly certain I’m the only person in the game whose level is not in sync with their mana bonuses. Guess they never thought anyone would get that much XP in a single game.



Long-neck-cat is loooong… :frowning:


Thanks for taking the hit for the rest of us. :slight_smile:


I dug up the baby picture for ya.


OOOOOOOOO! What kind of cat is that? It looks absolutely purrrr-fect!! :smile:


So… An update for anyone that cares… When I hit level 1,001, I was able to choose another mana bonus. To my understanding, you are only supposed to be able to choose these until level 1,000? Since I leveled up twice in one game, the system appears to have felt that it owed me one. In addition, I did also get the 1 event key + 100 glory bonus for reaching a level past 1,000.