Hero Level Progression


Do we have an up-to-date list of which skills get increased at which hero level? The only thing I can find is this one, but it doesn’t go beyond level 1000 and even before that I’m seeing a lot more skill increases than are listed there (for example, I just got +1 Magic at level 250, but I’ve also seen skills increase on less round level numbers).


There are no skill stat gains after level 1000. You just get a few minor rewards each level up instead.


Ah good to know, thank you. That leaves the question how the skill progression has changed below lvl 1000.


yes there are…each 100 lvls after 1000 is a stat point


1100 is +1 armor. Don’t know anyone level 1200 lol


Is this still the case? I didn’t get a skill bump for levels 700, 800, 900, or 1000. -.-


@Cinnabar you should have gotten one at 750 but i dont think the points show ingame when you lvl up anymore since this patch.