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Exp-Curve past lvl 1000

Hey guys I am curious. Did someone of you do the research on the exp growth past lvl 1000?

For me it seemed like the exp needed for a lvl was growing with about 100 exp per lvl. But past like lvl 1150 I did not notice any more growth in Experience(I am at lvl 1250 now).

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I noticed a big slow down once i hit 1300, have never actually looked at the numbers or anything though,

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I hate the fact the level-up rewards don’t scale. 60,000+ xp needed for me to level up now but only a small fraction of that for someone level 1000 but yet they get the same reward. Aren’t rewards supposed to get BETTER the higher up you get? Isn’t that how every other game works? In the time it takes me to level up and get 1 event key someone at lv 1000 has received probably 30 or 40 or more.


To answer your question @Diamaid; Leveling from 1000 to 1001 is 800 xp. From then on its +100 for each level, so 900 xp to 1002, 1000 xp to 1003 and so on. To my knowledge this still holds true.


Thank you for the 100 exp growth confirmation. Do you have the knowledge from testing or from some source?

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Actually it’s from both.