Level Rewards (very light progression spoiler)

Hi there,

I’m Switch only player since day 1 and reached Level 1000 yesterday (Yeah!).
I get level rewards from there on (100 Glory, 1 Event Key) (Yeah!).

My question is:
Do I get this reward till the end of days or does it stop sometime in the future (after 30, 50, 100,… levels)?

I ask because I want to know if I can calculate with it for the future (being more generous spending Glory for example). Is it to push Mid-Level players constantly towards endgame or is it a temporary benefit which stops some time?

It is forever, but levels start getting harder to reach. Each level after 1000 takes approximately one more battle than previous to get


Due to how gem masteries scale and how many levels it takes to get another stat point, you may have noticed that you aren’t getting much benefit from levels at this point. The extra glory and event keys make level-ups slightly more worthwhile again.