Revenge/Rival battles in PvP not showing correctly

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Platform, device version and operating system:
PC/Mobile, but people report the same issue on Xbox & iOS

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was expecting 3T battle to show red Revenge and blue Rival caption, but none of it shows when next battle selection screen is loaded after finishing a match.
Instead, you have to exit PvP and re-enter for the screen to show correctly:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens all the time since 4.3 update went live.

Steps to make it happen again
Play PvP.


Maybe this is why i have over 100 pvp defense losses and have seen ZERO revenge/rival battles. This is happening with pet battle progress, where it doesn’t show that you’ve moved from the first battle until rewards are collected…

I don’t see the same behavior in pet battles as CanyonSurfer, but I am on iOS.

You sure about pet rescue? I’m in the middle of one right now and it’s showing correctly.

I’m sure. Last night, i did battle 1 & 2, and it showed that i was still on battle 1 wherethe 8 panels are. Collected rewards for battle 1 & 2, and went back and was showing battle 3. They are visual glitches, of course, but missing revenge battles unless you reload pvp after every battle is far more annoying

We’ve noticed a few other players with this Pet Rescue issue, so I’ve added your report to our collection!

But I don’t quite understand how that is related to the PVP battles?

Regarding both these issues:

  1. Was there any connection issues (Slow loading or internet) around the time?
  2. How long was the game open for beforehand?
  3. If it happens again please try the steps in this article to correct the problem
  4. Does force quitting and reopening the game help the problem?

i experienced similar situation yesterday. i was about to do a pvp battle after a series of pvp battles. there is no revenge shown. then i exit pvp screen to check tribute. after going back to pvp, same line up but now one of them is revenge-rival.

there are no pvp defense activity during me checking tribute.

this no-update situation also occur in pet rescue, invasion and when changing troops for battle. not always, but often enough.

  1. No connection issues. To be honest, every time I’ve experienced anything connection-related with GoW it has been game servers’ fault (because other people have complained about the same problems at the same time).
  2. Freshly open game. Today I performed a test - launch Gems, go straight to PvP, first two matches were ordinary (no revenge/rival), third match was a revenge one not showing in red, of course.
  3. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s enough to go to world map and then back to PvP to see red text for the current match selection; any subsequent selection returns to square one - no red/blue text shown. And, after looking at (2), it’s clear that closing/reopening the game doesn’t solve anything.

Anyway, I firmly believe it is a problem somewhere in the game itself and not related to user side:

  1. it has only been happening in 4.3 and never before that;
  2. people on various platforms claim to encounter the issue;
  3. my brother, for example, has a different internet provider and connection type (LAN cable from the wall for me/mobile internet for him), different operating system on PC and he also plays the game on mobile - exactly the same issue starting exactly at the same time, namely, 4.3 release.

I am experiencing the same issue with revenge - rival battles. I have to exit the pvp screen and re-enter for the revenge - rival battles to show, if any available.

No connection issues. Started after 4.3 update. Force close/ quitting game does not resolve issue.

one way for dev to test this play lots of pvp. you will not see revenge option but play long enough, you will get mailed for the “successful defending home kingdom” for winning revenge battle.

This is one of the most annoying QOL issues with 4.3’s implementation, I think. I want to be able to blow through PVP quickly—like l could when l would automatically pick rivals and revenge battles—and I don’t want to have to check each opponent to know if one is worth more glory than another.

If it helps track down the issue, this bug is similar to the guild shield display issue—things aren’t showing up the way they should until one exits to the world map. Linked here: Guild Shield Emblem Color Changes

But it’s not an innocuous visual issue in this case—if one isn’t paying close attention to Rivals/Revenge battles, then one now misses out on a ton of glory over time. Or, alternatively, a player has to waste time entering and exiting the PVP screen (I don’t know who would do this rather than just look at the glory amounts, but to each his own).

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One more thing:
over the holidays I played a few games at a friend’s place - my account, but his computer and internet connection.
All the issues are exactly the same.

It could definitely be a problem in the game, I’m not discounting that. However, it’s important to understand how certain “user” interactions affect the issue to help us understand where the problem might be coming from.

For example, knowing that you can return to the world map and then reopen PVP can you see the revenge tags is quite useful, comparing that if a player had a specific connection problem then we can still see it’s a problem in the game but from exactly where.

Thank you, I’ll pass on the info to the team! :slight_smile:

What platform is everyone else on?

Same issue. Ps4.

Android, same issue.


Xbox One for me!

Thanks for looking into it, even if it is mostly QOL :slight_smile:

Android and Pc

Android device

I just attempted to resolve the issue by cycling through the PVP tabs (Casual, Battle Log, etc…) and it had no effect, so it really does seem as if returning to the world map is necessary.

Hard closing the game has no effect—it’s a constant occurrence on my account, despite my hard-closing the app each time I log off.

Hope that helps!