Revenge/Rival battles in PvP not showing correctly


If anyone else is experiencing this, please let us know:

  1. Any screenshots of the issue (before/after)
  2. If returning the world map then back helps
  3. If opening mail or Guild then returning to PVP helps
  4. If force quitting corrects it?

The team have a report for the issue but there’s a few reports I’ve gotten from other players that contradict this (e.g. returning to the worldmap works for some :thinking:) so it would be helpful for clarity!

I’ve seen just one Revenge battle offered in the last 2-3 weeks. One was today: I was running Ranked PvP, went to the map to collect Tribute (or something), then back into PvP. Suddenly, my third opponent option was showing as Revenge, which had definitely NOT been displayed previously. I also got a Revenge reward later, despite not seeing enough Revenge offers (ie: just that one) to get to the next group of 5. So I guess I was being offered Revenge, but it wasn’t showing. This covers both PC and iPad. Restarting the game has not seemed to make any difference. And the problem returned as soon as I’d completed that one Revenge match (as I implied).

This issue is ongoing ever since the last update went live. There has not been a single instance since day 1 of last update in which this error went away by itself.

Both “Rival” and “Revenge” words simply do not appear in the corresponding battle, EVEN THOUGH the bonus glory is being shown correctly.
In other words, if the 3T battle is the one with the Revenge bonus, its glory will actually show 9 glory (6 base glory + 3 Revenge glory) but it will not show the word “glory”. Meaning that this is only a visual error, and does not affect in any way the amount of glory earned, nor the +1 revenge battle won towards the Revenge battles rewards.
However, if you do not spot that there is a battle that gives extra glory or you just forget to check if any of them are not 4, 5 or 6 glory (for 1, 2 and 3 Ts) you will be going to miss a lot of these battles.

  1. away from console now, but I’d be happy to contribute with screenshots and video support.

  2. yes. Going back from the PVP Menu (from whichever pvp tab, it doesn’t matter if you go back from ranked, casual, stats, or whatever) into the World Map (Krystara/Underworld, both are exactly the same in regards to this purpose), and then back to PVP menu, will correct the issue EXCLUSIVE for the single next battle.
    Meaning that if there are any Revenge and/or Rival battles available now, they will now and only now show as such. Once you chose to fight your next battle (normal battle, Rival battle, Revenge battle, casual or ranked battle, doesn’t matter), after the end of said battle, the problem will still exist for every future Rival/Revenge battle.

  3. well no. Because in order to access mail or Guild menus, first you need to back out from pvp and into the worldmap, hence you already did option “2)”, fixing the problem for a single instance of battle, as explained above.

  4. no. Force quitting doesn’t do anything at all. As I said, this problem exists ever since the last update went live and has not gone away for any moment even though I launched the game hundreds of times since then.




Thanks very much, I’ve added the information to the report for the team. :smiley:

Any update on this @Cyrup ?

No update, sorry :frowning:

The known issues will be updated if there are any big changes

Hey guys, this issue will be resolved in game update version 4.4. :slight_smile: