Rival and Revenge battle tags don't show




When you play pvp you can’t see rivals and/or revenge battles
To see those battles you have to exit from pvp and enter again pvp

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Is this still an issue? Apologies for the delay. If this is still happening, please try to Force quite (not just minimise) the game and reopen it, then try the steps in:

And contact support if it’s still a problem.

Force quitting the app will resolve any particular instance of the problem (as will the much faster step mentioned in the OP: closing and re-opening the PVP menu), but the missing text will re-occur at some point down the line. This has been ongoing since 4.3 launched, and I have quit the app—or had it crash on me—numerous times.

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Thanks for that! What platform for you @Grundulum?

iOS. It would be very convenient if we could put this in our forums profiles (note: maybe we can—I have not looked).

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