Reveal bonus purchase bundles

I just wanted to appeal to the Developers of something that seems quite small but makes a big difference to me. To celebrate the upcoming holiday the Developers are doing daily flash deals from now till Halloween. If this daily flash deal runs like the last, they once the day passes there will be no way to claim an older deal, there is also no way to see the future deals until you get to there day.

So the problem I have is that I’m on a very tight budget and I only have $11 until next Friday, so if I spend $2 on today’s deal and there is a more appealing deal for $10 tomorrow I will not be able to get it. I don’t see much of a reason that we can view the future deals in game for the event.

A possible 2nd way to remedy this issue is to allow all the daily flash deals to run till the end of the event so that I can wait until Friday and budget what I have against what I want to invest in.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter


@Saltypatra and devs please take note

I second this motion. they have nothing to lose but money in this request.