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Black Friday SUPER DEAL! :P

Would it be great if Devs implement new deals in the shop just for the black friday?
I would suggest a Bundle with 20 exclusive raid/invasion weapons that people missed when they were available for 50$ and you can choose what weapons you want to get ?
Deathknight Armor for 50% off maybe?..Not that people already may have requested this by now.
Or maybe choose any Exclusive Weapon for 2.5$ each?


You have to phrase it the way the objects are priced.

Flash sale: for 30 minutes only, get Divine Protector (A $1,400 value!) for $79.99, and a pile of ingots! (300 common, 200 rare)


The odds of a Black Friday deal or sale NOT occurring is all but statistically immaterial from zero.

Still, I am skeptical that the tried-and-true formula for the last four years will change. Bonus gems of various percentages on various full-priced packages. The new flash sale feature has a chance to offer something new, but we’ll see.

You’re right, but its hard to be wrong when Salty already announced it many hours ago

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well i tried…