$5 weapon flash offer should appear each week


I know this is not a bug, and this is an intended choice by the developers as it was mentioned in one of the gems of streaming that the Devs don’t want to “overwhelm” us with flash offers.

This is actually the one offer I look forward to each week in order to complete my weapon collection. This week for example, the “International Dog Day” happened to show up on a Monday, so the flash deal didn’t appear. I believe the same thing happened with “International Cat Day”.

Can a change be made so that we always get a $5 flash weapon offer each week? If some sort of special event happens on a Monday, can the $5 weapon offer be moved to a Tuesday or Wednesday?

Thanks for the consideration!


I would also like this.

Flash offers for weapons are basically the only thing I’m spending money on at this point. They’re potentially losing out on my money (I’ll buy Rope Dart!).

Same here.

We should get the Weekly Weapon Flash Offers! I already spent most money on those alone.

I don’t plan to spend it on anything else, especially if you won’t let me.

I agree, please do this!

Here with some cheeky knowledge! KAPOW!

The only time you’ll miss out on a weapon flash offer is if there is a weekly flash offer/advent calendar.

If there is a 24 hour flash offer, when it finishes, the weapon flash offer will appear.

We are currently looking into our weekly flash offer/advent calendar (like shark week) and seeing if there is a way we can run a weapon flash offer simultaneously, or have a player dismiss the weekly offer.

Can you also look into the same offer popping up several times? Once is enough. If I decline it the first time I’m not going to be persuaded the 2nd or 3rd time only get aggravated by the popups.

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Does the International Dog offer fall into the weekly flash offer category?

Update: it does not! I got a weapon flash offer today afget that one ended.

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How come we didn’t get one today? There doesn’t seem to be any conflict with any other flash offer.

I sense a deed flash offer on the horizon. Maybe they are limited on how many they can offer per week.

Why can’t the shark week thingie be implemented again? (With the weapon offer in it as well, of course)
Like a flash offer calendar, cash/gems mixed offers, fixed and visible, so we can plan what to spend or not. I know it have been official talk about it, but it went away after the one time shark thing…

You peeps spend real money on this? I’ve been using my monopoly coins :rofl:

You’re welcome then. :grinning:


Kafka said there were no flash offers on Monday. We should be getting one after this Pirate’s Day offer ends.

Apparently last week we didn’t get a $5 flash offer because they disabled them on all platforms in order to test a new PS4 flash offer.

Never seen a flash offer on PS4

Thanks for the confirmation! I saw something about this in Monday’s Twitch stream’s chat but didn’t follow the conversation.

Apparently they ran into a hiccup with it. In any case, they are supposedly testing and working on things so that they can have flash offers on PS4.