XBox Flash Offer (Or Lack Thereof)

Some more official news for you, team!

There is a $14.99 flash offer going out today on PC/Mobile that was meant to go out on Xbox as well. However, we are waiting on first party to make it live, so it is currently unavailable. We don’t have an ETA on when this will change, and will keep you updated as we find out more.

(This offer is not available on PS4 and Switch at this time.)


Whoa. That’s a pretty sweet flash offer.

However, I don’t like that each day’s offer is the only one I can see. It’s preying on buy-it-or-lose-it mentality not letting us see what’s coming. Maybe we’d like tomorrow’s offer more, but by the time we can see it we’ll have lost the chance to buy today’s.


Do these new consecutive daily deals need to be all purchased to get the “free” one on the 7th day?

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Same question

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Where is my Weekly Weapon Flash Offer?

Very good question. If that’s the case it better be the new Mythic.

No, it’s free of charge.

Yes, but it’s a flash sale calendar. In all other calendars we need to complete the steps before to have access to the last one.

I didn’t purchase yesterday’s Flash Offer, but today’s is currently available for me (while yesterday’s isn’t), so I’m guessing the ‘Free’ offer will actually be free, and available to all – but yeah, you never know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slightly_frowning_face:.

What is the flash offer for today ? On PS4 so we don’t get this offer.

Do you really want to feel salty about an offer you can’t buy?

750 gems and 8 Vault Keys for $15

Not salty at all seems like a good deal for players.

Un peu déçu de ne pas pouvoir l’acheter aujourd’hui


I’d definitely spend cash on these types of offer if they were available on PS4. Pity…


Which means that the publisher has to set up higher prices just because they can’t collect on other their end, their platforms of their choice, like Sony and Microsoft.

@Saltypatra someone should be in charge of XBox promotions. You guys also missed the Xbox FTP sale this year. Xbox advertised and had sales on all the other ftp games, gems of war no where to be seen.

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Sounded like a good offer. Too bad it never made it to us

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I didn’t even get the flash offer popup yesterday but for $14.99 it had better be “a full, playable copy of Puzzle Quest 2”.


No, just some gems and a vault key.

Was supposed to be 800 gems and 8 vault keys.