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Request that you index your database

Good god people. It should not take that long to load my troop list. Throw in an index on there by player id. If that isnt enought to fix it youre doing something very wrong.

The lag on the troop list is actually due to a small memory leak in one of the plug-ins we use in Unity (iTween) - it’s made worse after the game has been open for some time.

We’ve been removing memory leaks associated with this for the past 12 months, after we took over the Unity codebase, but it’s been tricky to catch them all, and there are some left we know of in the Troop Menu.

Our database is nicely indexed - and we’re not hitting up the database while this is loading, so we’re certain it’s not a database issue here.

Thanks for the feedback though - hopefully we’ll continue to improve this in future updates.


So what you’re saying is that we need to contact the developer of that plugin and bug them until they fix their memory leak? Is that the message you were trying to send?

I didnt expect a dev response but since i have you its kinda funny. I was gonna mention the memory leak earlier. I had to hard reset my xbox twice today (not your fault, microsofts) cause the game wasnt showing up in the recent menu, and there was no way to exit.

I didnt realize they were related at the time, shame on me. I will take a look at the plugin tomorrow. Im an architect at philips so if i can do anything to make this great game greater, i shall do so.

Particularly to get rid of the annoying stuff :slight_smile:

Is that you Rainbow? Sirrian must not have known you were a console player, hence the response lol

I rarely have to hard reset my xbox, but I do quit/relaunch Gems every day.