Request - Rejuvenate

An idea for a new ability, Rejuvenate. Can be placed on friendly units and heals for 2 per turn, plus 1 for every 10 magic. This could stack upto 3 times, much like bleed.

Purpose of this? We could have skills that interact with it like consume the Rejuvenate and give armor equal to triple, or instantly heal for 5 times current Rejuvenate.

A class could be made like a druid that has this apply to random party member when matching 4 plus gems or when matching green gems.

Another interaction could counter this by having it consume and turn into poison or bleed, or deal damage equal to Rejuvenate and remove all stacks.

Anyway that was my idea, I think it would be nice since we only have heal currently but lots of damage over time.

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