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New Positive effects ideas "Regeneration" & "Magic Armor"

Regeneration HEALS unit for 2 health at the beginning of your turn. 10% chance for ability to end. ends when unit is at full life.

Magic Armor reduces the next spell damage by 50%. Only effected by spell damage. Burning/poison does not trigger Magic Armor. Barrier procs first.


Actually Regeneration is a Trait of some Troops. It should have different name then, but overall it is nice idea. :slight_smile:

I like the ideas, but regeneration would need to be more for endgame. Maybe 10 life or so.

I would also be interested in an absorb ability where you gain mana from spells cast (50% of spell cost) or a vaccine status that protects from negative statuses (either 1 status, or lasting a duration)

If we could have another offensive attack based one. I think a vampire status could be fun. Half your attack but next attack steals life instead. It would be a good way to keep 1st place alive longer