New Trait: Drain

A new trait. Or, new traits at least.

My idea is similar to splash how before it was just a splash where you do damage to troop and then the troop above and below gets half of that damage and you turned it into splash, heavy splash where the up-and-down true gets a quarter of the damage and have you splash where troops up and down gets 75% of the damage.

My idea is drain.

Three different kinds of drain.
Armor drain where whenever that troop does skull damage you absorb armor from The troop every five of your armor contributes +1 of how much you drain from The troop. Like at max level it’s five damage and then every five armor plus one so if you have 50 armor that’s 15 armor that you are stealing from them but gaining to yourself per attack or nothing if they have no armor.

Health drain where every five of your health contributes to plus one to drain and only happens if you are hitting the health. If you are hitting their armor than no drain.
Third type of drain being ultimate drain where either you combine your health and armor and every 10 equals 1 of how much you drain and whether you’re hitting health or armor you drain that same

or the same ultimate drain we’re the same rules apply with five armor will five health and whatever you had is what you got.

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I like this idea — I’d call the Health one Vampirism, though, to avoid confusing people with the already extant “Mana Drain”

You do realize that if an opponent in a for example a delve has this your death will be incredibly swift?
Rather than basing the amount drained on the stats of the troop that has it, I would suggest draining X% of the start of combat value that the troop that has been hit has.

@Stix like 50% of target stat?

My first thought is maybe more like 20-25%. Enough to make a difference, small enough to not turn it into devour.
But when I think about it a bit more, it depends on how exactly it’s implemented. If it’s a trait that triggers on every skull hit or 4+ match for example, even 10% sounds quite powerful for health drain if you have a bit of looping.
On the other hand, if it’s part of a legendary spell that costs 18 or more mana, 50% or more of armor doesn’t seem excessive, after all, we already have devour.