New card features/skills/powers

Thinking about some new cards, powers and awesome features for units/cards? Well, why don’t we share some ideas that may help the creative process of the developer’s team?

I’ll start:

New powers:
- Thorns/Blazing Skin/Reflect Aura: This unit/card will cause X ammount of damage to any troop/card dealing skull damage to it.
From thorn covered dryads/ents to fire/ice elementals/demons or even powerfull mages with reflective auras it’s dangerous/unwise to attack this troop/card on melee (skull) fights. Some legendary card may have this ongoing effect with maybe a little extra to it like Dreadfull Aura (reduces attack) Venomous Shroud (the attacker gets poisoned) Frostbite Aura (the attacker gets frozen).
Some old cards could also get reworked to apply this effect on an ally, effect lasting for the next attack or maybe the two next attacks and raising their armor or health a little or maybe cleasing them.

(I don’t know if some card already have a similar power like this, but from what i’ve seen of the game i guess it’s a whorthy try.)

I would love to see a shadow effect.

It would be an effect that would last for 10% cumulative cleanse that would essentially act as a super stealth. While the buff is active all spells ignore the troop, including Aoe and effects, but would have the downside of taking 3x more from skull damage. Effect would be usable on allies or enemies.

Similarly, an ethereal effect.

10% cumulative cleanse of an effect that reduces skull damage by 100%, but increases spell damage taken by 300%. Effect would be usable on allies or enemies.

I think it would work better if they introduce damage types on the cards spells, at least to the ones tha does direct damage to a troop. This would open up some othe interactions like card’s getting extra mana when an ally cast a Wind type Spell for example.