Ideas for new traits

I haven’t seen a thread on this for some time.

I have a few ideas for some new traits that would help bring some abilities or traits back into some balance.

Deflect; Converts true damage into normal damage.
Shield (# or X%); Reduces damages by a certain amount or percent. Kind of like what armor, stone skin and granite skin do now for skull attacks.
Negate: Cancels fast, empowered or any other trait that gives a bonus mana at the start of the battle. This is getting badly abused. Developers really need to look at this seriously.

Instead of negate, how about just stun at the begining of the match.

Holy Light: Deal 4x skull damage to Daemons. 50% chance to kill daemons on skull damage.

Mine!: 50% of mana generated by enemy explosions is instead given to your team.

Play fair: Freeze a random enemy for every extra turn your opponent gets.

Biggest Game hunter: gain an extra turn when dealing skull damage to dragons, daemons or monsters.

For the Lulz: Enchant a random ally and a random enemy on 4 or 5 gems matches

(mana) attunement: gain 2 extra mana from (color) gem matches. {one for each color e.g. Air attunement}

Hungry Trolls: Steal 1 mana from a random enemy at the start of each turn

Tears of a nation: drain 1 mana from a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches

Heroic sacrifice: redirect all damage dealt to my allies to me.