[REPORTED] Wrong troop in PvP Defense team (lance knight)

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The first image is what @Eldor saw when he battled me in PvP, the 2nd image is what I actually have set on PvP defense. A number of folks on discord have noticed Lance Knight appearing in the 4th slot of PvP teams, not just the gnomes; here is another example:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Inconsistently, no pattern that I can notice.

Steps to make it happen again
Not sure


I have to say that i also noticed Lance Knight appearing here and there in PvP and found it strange. It’s not a troop that appears there normally.


I saw 3x Band gnome 1x Lance K. team dozens of times.
I doesn’t made sense, now I understand :slight_smile:


Hey @beeflog

Was Lance Knight also within the battle? Or did the Troop only appear in the preview screen before the battle?

As all these screenshots so from outside the battle screen.

If it was within the battle, did it have the traits of Lance Knight or the traits of Hoagi?

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Hi Jeto

Lance Knight appears in the battle with his normal traits.

Admittedly I don’t know the person fighting so can’t confirm they haven’t put Lance Knight in their team.
I’ve noticed this for a couple of months now but hard to confirm until you find somebody you know in PvP.
I thought there was an inside joke I have been missing.

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Ok to add on here, I screenshotted Elayne earlier in the pvp selection screen, that person is currently on the PvP leaderboard, clicking on them and going through their profile to start a fight you get their intended team.

Lance Knight is showing up in Ranked & Casual PvP.

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PvP defenses seem to be snapshots that are stored independently of your team slots, they might sometimes get copied incorrectly or eventually get corrupted in some way. If @Eldor fights you through your player profile, is there a Lance Knight or a Hoagi Humbucker in the team?

I just saw this a moment ago. In PvP against the verse gnomes, I expected their team to be the following.

For the battle, Lance Knight appeared in the last slot instead of Fredi.

To determine this, after the battle I clicked on that opponent in the Battle Log, hit View Profile, then the Fight button.

I wonder how many other opponents are not what they are supposed to be.

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She (Elayne) is in our guild, I’ve asked to check

I’ve seen a similar thing in the past. Back in June, when The Werestag was released, I put him on my PvP defense team. I encountered that team in PvP on my alt account, but it showed as having Lance Knight where The Werestag was supposed to be:

If I went to fight myself, it was The Werestag where it should be. I asked my guildmates to try fighting me and 2 of them confirmed they saw The Werestag on the team, both in battle and before battle.

So whatever was happening was specific to the one account that encountered it. As if my game didn’t know about the troop and put Lance Knight in as a default replacement.

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Answer from Elayne : I do have the 4 new gnomes set as defense. So I guess thats a bug.
I don’t have a forum account and no e-mail set up on this phone yet. Will check tomorrow after work if I remember.

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Just seen this bug in PvP here too: opponent Skszp from guild The DicTators:

  • in the PvP battle their troops were Cindi / Hoagi / Fredi / Lance Knight
  • fighting them afterwards in a training battle their troops are Cindi / Hoagi / Fredi / Baz.

Thanks everyone for this extra information!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


I played 3 teams with this bug getting to PvP tier 1 today. It’s still an issue.

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Everybody loves themselves some Lance Knights.

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Verifying that this bug was not one fixed in 6.0



in battle as well (post-6.0 update)


Hey look who’s still showing up!


What are the chances this is intentional? :eyes:

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and it was in the battle as well