[Reported] What's wrong with these images?

This occurred during a GW week while running a Purple Cunning Raksha team. Why did Sekhma get a spotlight for “adding 20 or more Magic to Allies” when she does literally no such thing? (dual converter + single target damage)

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way: my Sekhma is fully traited (Sun’s Glory: +2 Magic for every Red Gem match) but I can assure you that’s NOT the explanation here, because:

Which similarly occurred while running a Persistence team. Spiritdancer has no ability to buff Magic via spell OR trait, she is a summoner + Green Mana converter only.

I’ve also seen Queen Moonclaw (a Skull generator) get the same spotlight under Persistence.

Now given that Sekhma and Spiritdancer are Gem Convertors (and Queen Moonclaw is a Skull creator), there’s another easy answer: because I preferentially cast them when the board layout will result in an extra turn (i.e. intentionally triggering the Guild Guardian’s third trait), maybe that’s why the Ethereal bonus is attributed to them? Because without the convertor troop, that third trait wouldn’t have activated so much, right?

Except, there’s just one problem with that answer:

…which occurred while running Heronath in a Finesse team.

Unlike Sekhma, Spiritdancer, and Queen Moonclaw, Heronath has zero ability to alter the board or otherwise intentionally trigger “Gift of Finesse” to buff the party. So why did she get the same spotlight as the rest?

Spotlights like these should get properly attributed to whatever Troop (if known) was responsible for it:

  • If it occurred via spellcast, (obviously) the spellcaster should get the spotlight.
  • If it occurred via trait, the owner of the trait should get the spotlight. e.g. Sekhma’s third trait gains her +2 Magic per match of Red Gems, and it’s not difficult to make 10 matches during a battle. Meanwhile, Guild Guardians grant +4 all stats per ally per match of 4, meaning it only takes two such matches to sastisfy the “Ethereal” bonus.

I also have one alternative hypothesis: Maybe the spotlight bonus is actually unrelated to the choice of MVP? Then the UI here is ambiguous.

Sekhma’s third trais is Sun’s Glory: Gain 2 Magic on Red Gem Matches.


Good try, but no.

Now explain Spiritdancer and (especially) Heronath getting the exact same spotlight.

Nope, they’re intended to be related! I’ve reported this one to the team, nice catch and thank you for letting us know!

Was Heronath on a Team with a summoner (other than Spiritdancer?) when she got given MVP for this reason?

Notpe. I don’t necessarily take screenshots of my team compositions, but one of them was for GW Yellow day:

  • Finesse
  • Heronath
  • DRACOS 1337
  • Bard Hero class with +9 Rope Dart