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Extra Turn Glitch (Mana Surge Glitch)

I have encountered a glitch a couple of times now but haven’t been too sure if it was indeed a glitch or if I had simply mistaken. The glitch is that when using a gem transformer (most commonly on the first turn (via glory or being powered by a 5 of a kind surge)) the 5 of a kind won’t serge (I do get the extra turn but net only 5 manna, not double (10) as I should)

A couple moments ago I got paired against goblins and ran my “Hail 2 the Queen” Mab deck and got a chance to cast mercy turn 1 and screenshotted the result

As you can see (I didn’t get a screenshot B4 the cast cause I wasn’t searching for the bug) all the goblins have 0 mana (confirming that it’s the 1st turn and Valkyrie has 5 mana (off a five of a kind) this has happened to me a couple of times and this was the first time I could get a screenshot as it happened on 1st turn

@Sirrian @Nimhain

Have you heard of this before or has anyone else encountered this?


Mana surges are based on Mastery chances for that color, you just didn’t make the roll :wink:


On a match-5, the mana surge chance is 100%. You should never, ever get exactly 5 mana from a match-5.

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Is that so? I never noticed a consistent surge on 5 from start of the game. Maybe the documentation/expectation is at fault after all.

Yes, it is so, or at least should be. Either you just didn’t pay attention or there’s a bug. One of those in-game texts (displayed while loading and - up to 1.0.9 - while shuffling opponents) says so, so at least that’s how it was intended.

Always been 100% chance for me

Found it in the game files, specifically common.xml, line 592:

<Text tag="[TIP_11]">Tip: Matching 5 colored gems gives a Mana Surge, doubling the mana you earn.</Text>
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