Something wrong with Mana surges?

I’m recording video to try to capture it. It seems that I’m not getting anywhere near the mana I should on 6+ matches. In the mean time has anybody else seen this?

edit: Video uploading… watch this comment.


I need more convincing proof… hold the phone


I’ll see you in the morning as I’m pooped. It’s 11 PM where I’m at (Canada). It it’s truly happening, and I’m convinced it is, I’m fairly sure 50 people will also report this by the time I get to in again lol.

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Yep but I was trounced on for saying so lol. There’s been times of getting NO mana for matches as well.


I have video.


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I’ve been noticing it so much that I am actually keeping track during a game.


What I understood from my experiences is that Mana Surge is just a flat +3 Mana.
So you have 7 mana (gems) + 3 (mana surge) + 1 (4+combo) = 11.
EDIT: and the bonus coming from the traits or banners are not taking into account by mana surge.

When you get 3 or zero on a mana surge you can safely say it’s screwed up. This is not a new issue.

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