"Mana Surge" causing "Extra Turn" not to flash on the screen... causing confusion to a lot of your players

Anytime the AI gets an extra turn that I didn’t observe them get on the board. I have noticed 2 things. First the “Extra turn” animation doesn’t appear on the screen. Secondly, I go and check the stat counter (don’t know the official name) and it always says the AI increased their gold amount by 5… Such as 5/100.
I would love to catch a recording of it, but haven’t been able to so far. And I’m not going to record every single second of my play.
Do with that information what you want, at least 1 thing is definitely broken though.
Finally…I caught a recording… Here’s the gif.

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I can confirm that this is still happening.
I’ve been on the hunt for these bugs for over a year now.
Since I am not a Beta-Tester or a Super-Tester, I’ve decided not to bother with the ones below.

These occurrences are random and really unpredictable at best: (played at x2, x3, or x4 game speed)

  • There are at least four more bugs occurring in this game:
  • No mana gain bug (corresponding mana color tied to that troop)
  • Extra turn ignored when using (Hero) weapons (Skeleton Key +10, Rope Dart +9) - no freezes
  • AI ignoring an extra turn on 4+ and 5+ matches made by the player
  • Player may be allowed to make an additional extra turn, even when the AI only had a match-3

Caught it!

If you’re unable to have Mana surge and Extra turn show on the screen. I think most would prefer to see Extra turn. @Kafka


I think that Extra turn should take a priority over Mana Surge, because Mana Surge is always announced the the announcer.

Other than that, I agree. This should get rectified.
If it would be up to me, I would remove that annoying Mana Surge voice and replace it with Extra Turn instead.

Although I have given the game up months ago, I too was seeing alot of extra turns that are not supposed to be. I found that playing on any other speed besides 4x helps this from happening. That’s why I would always play on 2x speed in guild wars because I did not have time for AI extra nothing. Smh

Yes, I also play on x2 speed in GW, just because of this reason alone. But, if it happens, it won’t ignore the issue, just spot it more easily.