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The "T-glitch": Intentional?


How come, when you match 5 in any shape other than a line (usually a “T”) it counts as 2x, sometimes 3x?

It’s unnerving to see the AI march 5 and get 20+ Mana

I say intentional since it’s the same on pc. While it’s a pattern with 5, the game sees it as 2 lines rather than 1 continuous 1. So you get in that case 6 mana surged rather than 3 with extras added to it at the end.

Love it on Valkyrie.

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It skews the game balance, making transformers more valuable, help they do not need


What do you mean? Transformers run this game just ask optimus. I do wish we had some transformers that targeted red or brown. We have transformers that target blue(valkyrie), yellow(alchemist), green(green seer), and purple(giant spider) so having a red or brown transformer would be nice.

3x would be a glitch, 2x is because matching 5 or more gems automatically guarentees a mana surge.

Yup, 12 Mana tops, not 20+.

And it’s the damage that gets screwy with insane numbers. You make two 5-matches and deal over 100 damage sometimes.

Transformers and generators have a huge advantage and it’s why Sheggra got nerfed to oblivion.

I’ve seen this behavior as well but just I ignored it. As you convert more of the board in one go the count does tend to get kind of wonky. I’ll keep a closer on the conversion pattern and count.

There are three systems in play.

1 - if you get a line of gems, a mana surge will double the mana collected.
2 - any pluses via traits or banner is applied after the doubling.
3 - for a huge mass of skulls, it is broken into the largest possible single match, and then every additional straight match is calculated separately. That means additional surge, bonus, etc.

So depending on the shape, a mass of 10 gems could be getting either 10 or 20 mana, and could be getting bonus mana up to 3 times.

All understandable, but what about the single 5-match that gives 20+ Mana or deals double damage?

Speaking only from PC experience, I’ve never seen a single 5-match of any shape award any mana amount except 10. Can’t talk to the Console version, of course.

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Even the cross/+ shape match?

Yes, I believe so (but those are definitely the rarest).

Guess I could try it with Valkyrie and see what the result is. Course I’d need a troop that takes a lot of blue. No I don’t have War.

Can this be changed?

It’s software, of course it can be changed. What would you change it to, and why?

This makes certain traits do multi-rolls such as devour. This gives that trait more chance to active on one troop instead of just counting as one instance of damage, this also means that a full board of skulls can by pass barrier as well. I would like it to count as one instance instead of multiple.

Yes, that’s true. They could separate the damage calculation from the side effects, which I think is the preferable approach.

As it stands a trait having a low chance to activate should not get re-rolls for multiple skull matches. Though it is intentional however i do not think it should be and is making certain troops stronger than they are.

I don’t see enough cross shapes to say definitively one way or the other, but if the formula applies a cross shape match has the same potential to count double.

Here’s proof you can do more than 2x damage with a single 5-match:

AI doing it

Me doing it

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