[Not a bug] Unfunctional trait

IOS 16.5.1 iPhone SE2

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Queen of Ashe, trait 3 “blessing of rock” doesn’t work. No magic gain for element allies while matching brown gems.

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Thank you for the screencapture.

I’ve let the development team know about this issue. If you have any recorded video footage of this trait not working we would greatly appreciate it!

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It did trigger in the video:

At 0:27 of the video, the brown match is made, and the 3 elemental troops appear to have a magic gain.
Note: Goblin Mystic is not an elemental.

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Thank you for providing recorded video footage.

In your video, I can see that the Queen Ash trait did trigger, and as such will be marking this bug report as Not a bug.

Just in case you are confused, ‘Magic’ is the glass orb above the troop’s spell.

For example, at 0:13 we can see your troop King Gobtruffle’s Magic is 11.

After you match brown gems and Queen Ash’s 3rd trait is triggered, giving 2 magic to all Elemental Allies. At 0:35 when inspecting King Gobtruffle again, you can see his magic is now 13.

If you are unsure if an allied troop is Elemental, you can use the filter and edit the category ‘Troop Type’ to ‘Elemental’.

I hope this all helps :slight_smile:

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Oh!~~ I see . It seems that I misunderstood the definition of magic. Thanks for you explanation, very clear and detail