[Not A Bug] Spirit dancer summons empowered spirit fox in arena


Arena troops arent traited but summoned spirit fox was empowered

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
1st time I’ve noticed. Today.

Steps to make it happen again
cast spirit dancer when you have a vacant slot.

Also, if arena is meant to be “pure” gems combat then why is mana surge (based on stats, guild etc) even a thing???

Spirit Dancer summons a Spirit Fox in addition to converting a color to green (which said Spirit Fox is free to use as mana in case of created gem matches).


Thanks. That’s possibly what happened but the spell says that the gems are created and then fox is summoned which would mean that any created gems would’ve been already matched and absorbed before the summon. It would have to summon fox 1st for it to have a chance of taking the mana; at least thats how it seems to me. Perhaps its a description issue but the mana surge thing should be scrapped.

Sometimes the wording of the cards are misleading. Flaming Oni says “Summon 3 random goblins. THEN explode Green Gems and gain and extra turn.” that is in fact the order it happens. Spirit Dancer says “Transform a selected mana color to green. Summon a spirit fox.” they happen at the same time. But then there are cards like Satyr Musician that say “Deal damage to the first 2 enemies, THEN steal 2 Magic and Silence them.” But the magic steal happens before the damage is actually dealt… It is unfortunate they cannot be consistent but you gotta just get to know what cards tell the order like it is and which ones do not.


Haha okay although I doubt i will be enrolling in gems nightclasses to familiarise myself with the intricacies of spell description versus what actually happens. These troops (and their many misdescribed brethren) are no doubt working as intended but not worded as intended. No doubt they are top priority in the “fake patch” update lol. I actually expect stuff to do what it says it does so thanks to all for the heads up.

Anyone care to comment on mana surge in arena. I know removing it would slow the game even more but it should be the same for everybody regardless of level, statues etc. I know the margins aint huge but it could easily be set to a standard value for everyone (say 60?).

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(emphasis mine)
That is the best, most memeable description of this I’ve ever seen!

For example, I often use Amira as a blue mana killer, her spell description implies she deals damage then (assuming the foe survives) steals 2 Magic, but the actual effect is to steal 2 Magic THEN deal damage.

I guess it’s just a natural assumption that the effects of a spell should occur in the same order they are phrased on the card … and yes, this would definitely fall in the category of low-priority fixes.

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I think there is a bug with summoning,
For a while I used a vashDagon + Elspeth team, many times they summoned troops with full mana, but totally randomly, I could not find any pattern in it.