[Reported] Tidecaller "Aquatic" trait does not work as described

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The 2nd Tidecaller trait, Aquatic, says in its description “Submerge myself when I receive damage”. But the Tidecaller only submerges on magic damage, not on skull damage.

The german translation of the trait is even more misleading, because it does the exact opposite of what it says: The germen descirption says “Tauche wenn mir Feinde SCHÄDELschaden zufügen” which translates to “Submerge when enemies do SKULL damage to me”. In english it is just not clear enough, but the german translation is flat out wrong.

The italian translation also speaks of “…teschi”, which are skulls. I’ve not checked the other languages.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time

Steps to make it happen again
Deal magic damage to unsubmerged tidecaller → Tidecaller will submerge
Align skulls to deal skull damage to unsubmerged Tidecaller → Tidecaller will not submerge

Edit for clarification: All my tests were done with damage directly on hero, on first position.

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As seen above, mine does on PC.

I also submerge when taking spell damage, true damage, and when skulls are exploded. (tested all)

Just to check a couple of things before a dev gets here…

Are you looking for any troop to submerge or just the hero? (it will just be the hero and they must be the one taking damage)

Are you expecting submerge to protect against spell and skull damage? (it just protects against spells that damage all troops and doesnt block skull damage at all)

I can not speak to the accuracy of the translations but maybe that helps.


When speaking of skull damage I of course meant hero in first position. I edited the intial post for clarity.

Hey, this is a translation error in German, I’ve let the team know.