[Not a bug] Submerge skill not functioning

I’m playing on iOS 11. The submerge skill is dissapearing in the middle of looping on own turn. For example possessed king plus tide caller. You match 4+ gems one ally gets submerged, some gems explode and it goes away.

If it’s your front troop, and you match skulls, that will cause it to disappear. Can you give more info on the exact scenario/circumstance?

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I believe it’s happening to not only my front troop but my 2-4slot troops also. In the middle of my turn or during a matching loop the submerge will appear and disappear.

Edit: when the ally who is submerged casts a spell, submerge dissapears

That’s just how it should be - submerge (and bless as well) is destroyed when a troop either casts a spell or matches skulls. It has always worked this way, as far as I can remember.