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Submerge is either [BUG]ged or useless

Today, I realized I might try the new turtle out.

And was pretty enthusiastic about it. I mean, It is supposed to counter Khorvash, Krakens…
Except it doesn’t.
Khorvash tears right through submerge (even though it IS group damage)
and so does
Kraken deal damage to it through his trait.

I had hopes for some new and fresh ideas with the new Submerge - but it’s just more useless than not, if you ask me.

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Both of these were discussed in the event thread. Submerge is intended to protect against any spell that says “deal damage to all enemies”. It does not protect against traits, mana burn, slot-specific damage, or random stat loss.


No, it isn’t. It’s supposed to avoid damage going to the whole team, neither Khorvash nor Kraken does that. Think Krystenax or Crimson Bat.

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You’re right.
… Some time ago - I believe someone said it avoids “group damage”, so I didn’t check as how much far that stands.

But why doesn’t it avoid Kraken trait? Or as @Grundulum says - not even mana burn?
Those do target all enemies.

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Yeah, it doesn’t appear to dodge Queen Mab’s mana burn to all, Kraken’s trait damage to all, nor Plague’s HP/Armor reduction to all on both the ability and the trait. All 3 of these instances are an example of damage to all that it doesn’t function against.


Hm, it should avoid the damage from Mab’s spell.
It does avoid Crimson Bat’s damage. Had that already.

Also sucks that it falls out of submerged when it auto attacks due to skulls falling for a match.

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Impervious protects against mana burn, which suggests that the game considers it (mana burn) to be different from regular damage.

Plague’s spell is also “reduce a stat”, not “deal damage”, which again fails the spell/damage/all test.


I just saw your testing video, great stuff! :slight_smile:

Does submerge protect against burn all enemies casts from war or stonehammer? I’m guessing it doesn’t

What about split damage?

It protects against split damage.

Someone said it will just ignore the damage - thus reducing the total Split damage done by the enemy (they also said it will show the damage but will ignore it).

Even though it’s nuts again, since Split Damage is not “target all enemies”.

Split damage among all enemies should be prevented by Submerged. It will be split among 4 (or however many) troops, but that troop’s damage will not be dealt.

It also doesn’t protect against death marking. I just got a submerged Dragon Turtle deathmarked by Death firing off his ability…which deathmarks the whole team.

Mab doesnt do damage to all enemies, it mana burns all enemies.


Increased by her magic - which is damage to all enemies.

It really should because it’d be underwater!


Nice one :rofl:

Deathmark isn’t considered Damage, it’s a status effect, so it isn’t cancelled by submerge.

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Submerge does not effect burn all, poison all, freeze all, etc, etc. It only effects damage all, if the spell text doesn’t say damage submerge won’t work.

Queen Mab’s spell could be read:
“Deal damage to all enemies based on their current mana, increased by my magic.”

If you are to base the mechanics around wording and descriptions - Split damage does not fall into the category, either.
… Mab’s Mana burn is more “damage to all enemies” than split damage is. Which leads me back to the idea that developers have horrible sense of descriptions. And I have already made a topic on that alone.