[REPORTED] Spooky Imp Transforms before it damages

According to the order of the cast. It should deal damage then possibly transform troops. It does not.


It does. I saw that too.If an enemy troop had 1 life and we calculate total damage needed to kill all enemies is 19 and cast Sppoky Imp, there is a chance for it to transform the troop to Wraith (with more armor+hp) and totally screw up the cast.

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Yeah I noticed this oddity. It worked in my favour, transforming a strong troop into a much weaker wraith then killing it. Took me a while to work out how I’d killed that troop.

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Confirm, I’ve seen that happen as well.

Just now, it helped me. I was stuck playing against The Silvermaiden. Kept barriering and boosting life. It had 40+ life. Spooky Imp transformed it and killed it instantly. Lol.

I think only I get an alert when the title is edited. So just a fyi to others. Salty has saw the report and confirmed it’s bugged by editing the title to “reported”.

I don’t want to confirm this is a bug necessarily. I just wanted to say that I have reported this to the devs.